Phrases or Words that you should never say at work are a bunch and they can be a little offensive sometimes. Saying such inappropriate things can put your job at stake and can also put you in an awkward position. Such things might not always be abusive or so, they can be anything that is hurting or something that hurts the other person’s ego. First things first, whenever you are offered a job or you are a part of company, you need to understand that it is very important to be professional.

If you think that something is unfair or not right, then you should politely convey the message to the person concerned and that too directly because gossiping is something very poisonous. We all sometimes go through times, when we are upset about everything at work, but giving inappropriate answers and using phrases that are not to said at work will to you more harm than them.

Check out the list of Top 10 phrases that you should never say at work.

“Do Not Tell Anyone”

You sure trust the person you are telling something very confidential to but nothing you say is free of share at work. Its hard to digest but if people gossip with you, they are probably gonna gossip about you also. So, its better not to use the phrase and get it trouble later on.

“This Is Not My Job”

You might be assigned something that is not a part of your work! but find a better way to turn down things rather than saying no to them like this. You can convey that you are not very skillful to do that or something that sounds more professional than this.

“I Need A Raise Or I Will Quit”

This is the most rude thing that you can ever say to your employer. If you convey this to your employer or your HR Manager, it will simply make you look over confident about yourself. Your image is going to dive quite below because of this one phrase. Instead, let them know about your expectation politely.

“All Things Happened Because Of Me”

You sure could be the point of mistake in the very project but taking all the fault by yourself is not something modest but an impressive quality that brings you in the bad light. You should never show that you are any less confident than other people.

“I Don’t Have Time To Talk Right Now”

This is for everyone who is a work-a-holic. Well, everyone knows how serious you are about your work and how busy your schedule is. But when people need help don’t send them saying this as they will then assume that you are mean and egoistic. Instead of saying this, tell them you will help them later.

“I Can’t Work With That Person”

This happens a lot of time that you do not like some person but still have to work with them. But you should not say the above line as it will only show that you are more problematic than the other person.

“I Was Just Joking”

Your joke might have hurt somebody but do not try to justify yourself even after then. It is very insensitive of you do that. Instead of this, just put a halt to your insensitive jokes at the work place or crack it with people who are very close to you.

That Work Is Impossible

You can never be less enthusiastic about a work assigned, even if you think something is impossible, try to put your efforts into it and never let anybody feel like you give up even before trying it.

“Its All His Fault”

Never gossip about anyone blaming them for a mishap at work. It feels like you are humiliating the person in front of others.

“I Am Too Busy”

Everyone has been assigned some or the other work but bragging that you are always busy would only make people think that you are doing it on purpose. So let your work talk.

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