There are about 100 Ways To Save Electricity but we fail to follow even two sometimes. We have probably written ample number of How to Save Energy at home Essay at school but ask yourself once about do you follow the save energy protocol. The 10 Lines of Save Electricity should be hung inside the lobby of your home so that you never forget to follow the rules. This way you will be able to keep in mind the ways to reduce energy and consumption at home.

We are also taught ways to save energy at home and school and we sure follow them in school but totally forget about them when we are adults. Let us get into reminiscence once again and follow that Save Energy Essay from school.

Here are 10 Ways to Save Energy at Home.

Always turn off lights when you leave the room

100 ways to save electricity

First things first, you have been told this since time immemorial but this is one thing that should be turned into a habit as soon as possible. People tend to leave the room without even giving a second thought to such things.

Set your AC’s conditioner to 24 degree celcius

100 ways to save energy

We know how hot it is outside and thus we need to take help of those air conditioners that are at your home. One thing that we can do is to set the temperature of the AC to 24 because the heat cycles will be less and the energy used will be low.

Lessen the use of the dryers and curlers

how to save energy at home essay

You at your personal level can also help your parents in saving energy by not using the dryers less. For example, you can simply hang your wet clothes outside in the sun instead of using the dryer. Rollers can be used instead of hair curlers.

Cover your tiles with the rug and shove that heater

100 ways to save energy

Heaters are quite addictive in the winter season and thus people are unable to leave it and end up using it for many hours. These heaters use a lot of energy and electricity. Well, you can instead cover your floors with the rug so that your feet don’t feel cold.

Put the lid on food items while they are cooking

10 ways to save energy at home

First of all, remember to cover the pan whenever the milk is being boiled, always cover it with the pan so as to save energy as well as the LPG. This way it will also boil faster. Same goes for cooking!

Keep the frozen food outside well in advance before being cooked

10 ways to save energy at home

Instead of wasting time and energy in defrosting the food item in the microwave again before cooking. Make sure you keep it outside so that the temperature becomes even.

Use cold water in the washing machine

10 ways to save energy at home

Always use cold water to wash the clothes in the washing machine because using hot water for the purpose will use more energy compared to that.

Allow cooked food to cool down before keeping it inside the fridge

10 ways to save energy at home

You should keep cooked food out for some time and should not immediately keep it inside the fridge because if you keep it the right way, it will cause the fridge to work more which will eventually use more energy.

Use CFL’s

10 ways to save energy

The Incandescent bulbs actually emit heat and use an enormous amount of energy, hence it is always better to use CFL instead of them. You can also open up curtains on a well lit day to let the light come in.

Unplug your charger when your phone is fully charged

Bring small changes in life and save energy at home by such simple tricks one of them which is unplugging the charger when your phone is fully charged. It will ensure that your charger does not wear off too soon.

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