So, what is Coconut Oil Good for? Probably for everything I would say. In ancient times, swishing your mouth with the tablespoon of coconut oil was indeed considered very beneficial in pushing out the toxins out of your mouth. The question about the quantity of the coconut oil or how much coconut oil should I eat or use should depend on how your health practitioner has asked you to. The Swishing or Oil Pulling was done in ancient times and thus before starting anything like that, consult your physician.

The Coconut Oil is the best moisturizer out of all. It is natural and it is damn effective. The benefits of coconut oil are a bunch and let me tell you that if you use it regularly, it is definitely going to give you results. One very important tip about Coconut Oil is that you can use it as a carrier oil when using essential oils. It will help dilute the other one.

Here is the list of the Top 15 Benefits of Coconut Oil

It helps in removing makeup

benefits of coconut oil on skin and hair

Coconut Oil is definitely a great makeup cleanser. This one is definitely tried and tested. All you need is a swab of cotton and some coconut oil to remove the makeup from your skin. It will moisturize your face as well as remove all your makeup in a jiffy.

It helps in hair growth

coconut oil health benefits

Oiling your hair with the coconut oil is the most common and ancient method to help in hair growth. It is also called the Champi in Hindi. Oiling your hair with some warm coconut oil moisturizes the scalp and keeps the hair smooth as well.

It helps in healing of scars on the skin

health benefits coconut oil

We have always been asked by the elder women of our family to apply some coconut oil on the scars as it is proven to reduce them if used regularly.

It helps in moisturizing lips

benefits of coconut oil on skin

Do you experience dry and flaky lips in winter season? No worries, just put a pinch of some good quality coconut oil on your lips before sleeping at night and tadaa you are done.

It protects from UV rays

health benefits of coconut oil

Lets suppose that you have to head out of your house in emergency and you have absolutely no time to put sunscreen on your face. Well, you can just apply some coconut oil on your face and on the exposed areas for protection.

It slows down ageing process

benefits of coconut oil on hair and skin

Ageing process is always depressing because none of us want to see our skin getting old. Coconut Oil is believed to have anti-oxidants that saves our skin from radical damages. You can massage your skin with the oil at night regularly.

It also helps in fighting dandruff

benefits of coconut oil on hair and skin

Most of us suffer from the problem of dandruff in hair. Coconut Oil has several properties to protect the hair from damaging and reduce dandruff when mixed with a pinch of lemon juice. You need to repeat oiling once or twice a week to see the results.

It helps in reliving stress from body

coconut oil benefits on hair and skin

Coconut Oil helps in reliving stress by reducing cortisol levels of the brain and it thus makes us feel good. You can ask some one to massage your hair with some coconut oil once or twice a week for added up effects.

It also helps in weight loss

benefits of coconut oil on skin and hair

Cooking in coconut oil has several benefits, one of which is weight loss. It is believed to  strengthen the metabolism of the body, thus helping in faster digestion. For cooking, you should always good quality coconut oil.

It helps in moisturizing the skin

benefits of coconut oil on skin

Coconut oil is a very good moisturizing agent. You can use it before sleeping or after washing your face with water. If you suffer from super dry skin, then this is the best bet for you to get rid of the dry patches.

It nourishes cuticles

benefits of coconut oil

Our nails are the most neglected part of our body, but it is best to moisturize them in order to make them look beautiful always. Just apply some of it on your cuticles and see the magic.

It prevents cracked heels

benefits of coconut oil

Cracked heels make the feet look unhealthy and unattractive. To prevent that from happening, you can regularly apply some warm coconut oil on your feet and massage them as well.

It cures dry flaky skin

health benefits coconut oil

If you find yourself fighting with dry flaky season all the time, you can rely on coconut oil blindly. Apply it on the effected areas and you are done.

It helps in hydrating the skin

benefits of virgin coconut oil

You can use some coconut oil to hydrate your skin. All you need to do is to mix some oil with honey and massage it onto the skin. After about 15 minutes, wash it off and pat dry.

It can be used as a body massage oil

benefits of coconut oil on skin

When you are super stressed about something, you can simply use it as a body massage oil and see the wonders.

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