Top 5 Best Fielder In Cricket History

Cricket which is also called as a batsman’s game has given birth to lot of talented people. But in spite of the fact that the game is called a batsman’s game the bowler and the fielder have equally contributed in raising the standard of the game.

Here we are going to present you the list of the Top 5 Best Fielder in Cricket History. Who have scarified their whole life in training and maintaining their fitness level. They have done it so that they can win matches for their country and bring laurels to their home .

Andrew Symonds

Former Australian middle order batsman & A medium pace bowler Andrew Symonds is not only considered as a powerful hitter but a great fielder too. He has proved himself in fielding many times. His great fielding talent has made his place at number 5 on our list. Andrew Symonds have saved a lot of runs for the teams , and had various run out in his name which used to bring the match in the Australia’s favor.

Paul Collingwood

He never got respect in batting or bowling & moreover he was also not considered as a successful captain. But he considered as the one of the best fielder England have ever produced. He flies in the air like bird , jump high , has good grip with the ball . Once the ball used to be in the air he never used to miss the ball. He has saved hundreds of run for the team . Therefore he in the right person to come at number 4 in the list .

Ricky Ponting

Ricky ponting is considered among the Legends of cricket. He is among the top batsman cricket have ever experienced. He has not only shown his talent in batting but also in fielding. Ricky ponting is considered as the greatest captain of Australia till now . He leaded Australia from 2003 to 2011 .

Though because of his fabulous batting and captaincy nobody paid attention toward his fielding. Pointing can field at any position but he was excellent if placed within the 30 yard circle. He was a brilliant catch taker and a very thrower whenever he used to throw the ball toward the stump , 90% of time the ball forced the bails to go up in the air.

He took 194 catches in test and 160 catches in ODI which reflects it’s brilliant fielding talent.

Herschelle Gibbs

Gibbs was an outstanding fielder . He was also a player of Rugby ( now you the the secret why he is considered at number 2 place in the great fielders list) . The reason is clear that as he was a player of RUGBY he was very active, very fit , an amazing diver , use to catch the ball with super grip & a very fast thrower . He has turned the game into South Africa’s favor many number of times. Gibbs was a Gift to South Africa’s fielding department.

Jonty Rhodes

What Sachin Tendulkar is to batting , Jonty Rhodes is to Fielding . As Sachin Tendulkar is considered the God of cricket , yes you can say that Jonty Rhodes is the God of fielding. Jonty Rhodes proved people wrong that cricket is not a batsman’s game , fielding is a very important part of the game. He proved people that Fielding is an art and he was the greatest artist in this art. Surely he is considered as the Best Fielder cricket have ever got till now .

People mouth used to remain open when he used to show his aerobics movements in the match. Do you know that Jonty Rhodes is the only person who has taken 5 catches in an ODI match.

For sure he is the #1 in the list of Best Fielder ever.

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