Well, there are many things that ruin the phone battery and we do not even realize that. Sure, every phone has a different kind of capacity and a battery backup but there are some mistakes that we actually make and suffer the loss of battery of our phones.

A lot of people search for what actually can damage the phone battery and the answers are all that we already know. But people we have curated some really unknowing ones in which people actually are at fault when it comes to draining the battery of your phone.

All of you must be thinking that these things are common, we already know that using our phones for long hours and keeping the phone’s brightness all bright are some things that are responsible. Below are a few things that we do unknowingly and drain the battery. Let’s see what are all those.

Here are Top 7  things that kill your phone’s battery.

Having a bright colored wallpaper

Have you realized how sometimes your phone alerts you when you are putting up a GIF like wallpaper or a very bright one on the home screen well, that is because putting that particular one will drain the phone’s battery really quickly.

Check your Task bar

We as human beings are lazy bones and forget things after doing them. So, next time you open up the camera to click a selfie or open up the Instagram app to check for updates, remember to close it from the taskbar as well and not just directly from the home screen.

You are watching YouTube videos in HD

Watching videos and listening to songs in high definition on your iPhone will not only hamper your internet usage but also your phone’s battery as watching something in high definition is a fuss when it comes to the battery usage.

Enabling alerts from every application

It is said that every time you enable Push notification for any application, it is bound to enable alerts that ultimately drains battery life. Imagine, when you have enabled notifications for a bunch of them. So, take care next time and enable alerts only for those which you need immediate responding.

Your Bluetooth and USB are always on

You could have switched on your USB and Bluetooth for sharing your internet data with your beloved friend and then when the work was over you forget to switch off the Bluetooth and USB from the toolbar. Be careful when you connect the hotspot guys, remember to switch them off.

Ignoring that new update

Guys, software updates are brought up to correctify bug fixes and other possible faults so if you do not bother updating your phone think once more because updation might help you to improvise the battery life of your phone.

Turn off the WiFi Scanning

We know how badly you want your phone to grab the internet opportunity just whenever you are near a connection so that you can keep yourself updated with social media notifications. But keeping that WiFi scanning always on is going to use your battery for sure. So to avoid that, consider switching off the WiFi option after you head out from that very place.

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