Top Bhojpuri Songs for Holi 2022 have been listed below along with their Youtube Links of which the most popular one is sung by Ravi Kishan. Well, Bhojpuri Holi 2022 is definitely incomplete without New Bhojpuri Holi Song 2022 and that is why we have listed out here the newest Bhojpuri Gana along wih their Youtube Link. If in case, you want to download the New Bhojpuri Holi Song 2022, you can first listen it from the Youtube link below and then download it in MP3 Format. The most popular Bhojpuri brigade include Ravi Kishan, Keshari Lal Yadav and Pawan Singh. 

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Bhojpuri songs with fast beats, funny lyrics, and catchy tunes are most played by the DJs in Holi parties. The songs which are highly popular in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are now getting popular in other states as well. People who are ardent lovers of Bollywood now also enjoy the quirkiness of Bhojpuri songs. During the Holi season, the demand for Bhojpuri songs increases even more than Bollywood ‘purane gane’. These low budget songs are making a mark in the market since last two years as these kinds of songs add a fun element and is quite popular among the youth.

Sunie Holi 2022 Devotional Gaane Yha se

As only a few days are left for Holi, here is a list of best Holi Bhojpuri songs that will make your celebration ‘jhakas’.

Top Bhojpuri Holi Songs 2022

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai – Ravi Kishan

The song sung by Ravi Kishan who is a famous Bhojpuri star will force you to stand from your place and tap your feet. His superhit song ‘bura na mano Holi hai’ released in 2016 made all the Holi enthusiasts excited and the song was played in every Holi party. Though he is not a singer still his song was able to gain popularity. The famous actor is the powerhouse of energy and has featured in many Bhojpuri Holi songs . 

Rang Dalala Pe Kahe Bhagelu

This song by Kesari Lal Yadav have recently joined the Top Most popular Bhojpuri Songs 2022 brigade. It definitely is romantic and beats to dance upon.

Saa Ra Raa Ra Rang Barse – Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari one of the most popular Bhojpur personality, his songs are famous for a long time. He has given a number of fun Holi Bhojpuri songs,  ‘Saa Ra Raa Ra Rang Barse’ sitting on the top of the list. His others songs which are liked by people includes ‘Chalin Maaf Kaidin Laika Ha’, ‘Dhadhak Dhinak Dhin’, ‘Awadhpuri Me Faag’.

Jija choliya rang liha ho – Deepak Dildar

The song sung by Deepak Dildar is from the movie ‘Dildar ke pichkari’. The quirky song with rhythmic beats is suitable for Holi celebration and you can’t stop dancing after hearing the song on the dance floor.

Bhar Faagun Saiyaan – Kalpana Patowary

Kalpana Patowary has been given the title of ‘nightingale of Bhojpuri’ by her followers. The Holi songs sung by her are funny with a pinch of healthy flirting. Her other songs ‘Satvaley Rah’ and ‘Siya Nikle Awadhwa Ke Aur’ are also very popular in Holi parties.

Bhatar Aiehe Holi Ke Baad – Khesari Lal Yadav

Khesari Lal is a Bhojpuri singer, actor, and model. His songs are popular for displaying sexual content but his songs on Holi are really fun to dance on. Holi is also a festival where lovers tease each other a little and his songs showcase the same.

Nahi Range Ke Ba Ghaghra Choliya – Dinesh Lal Yadav

Dinesh Lal is a popular Bhojpuri singer, Tv presenter, and actor, his Holi song are really catchy and will make you dance like crazy maintaining the high-level energy. His other songs on ‘Holi Patarko Bhauji’, ‘Mahangi Udaile Ba Dhuawan’ are also good tunes which you can add to your playlist.

Kaise Rangai A Raju

The song has been sung by Mohan Rathod and is from the album from the Hits of Bhojpuri Holi songs. This song will definitely indulge you into pure dancing madness.

Rangawa Dure Rakha

The song has been sung by Sunita Pathak and is about 5 minutes 12 seconds long. Groove to the beats of the singer on your Holi party.

Rangam Rangam

The song has been sung by the famous Bhojpuri singer Fauji Rajendar Yadav and is about 6 minutes long. The tunes of this song are really catchy.

Choose songs other than Bollywood and make your festival memorable by dancing on crazy Bhojpuri songs with your friends and family. You should definitely add these lively songs to your playlist for Holi as this festival is all about celebrating it together regardless of caste, color, gender.

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