The most difficult situation that a pet owner goes through is getting rid of pet hair that sticks and spills almost everywhere. They say that pet’s hair sticks to every second thing but not him. We are always awry of the fact about how to keep our house clean from dog’s hair. Although, cleaning with a dog is quite tough but it is not impossible as it may seem.

There are many companies in the market who can help out in how to deep clean a house with pets. But we can certainly do our bits and combine efforts in maintaining our dear house. People also ask about keeping wooden floors clean with pets. Here, we will talk about everything in general and some really amazing cleaning hacks for all the pet owners out there.

Sponge to the rescue

Using a wet sponge to clean off the pet hair and dust from the furniture and slaps is a perfect choice for everyone out here. You can just wipe off these surfaces with the sponge and all the filth will gradually stick to it.

Keep out the hair from the drain

If you tend to bath the dog in your bathroom or bathtub then the hair of the animal is bound to stick in the drain and probably clog it. To save your drain from getting so, you can simply cover the mouth of the drain with a scrubbing pad. The wet hair will eventually stick to it and won’t even got inside.

Always pick the poop when it’s dry

So your pet is just a kiddo right now and obviously not very well trained. That means he poops anywhere and everywhere he wants. You can save your floor and efforts by picking it when it dries rather than picking up when its wet.

You should also remember that it is the vice versa case when he urinates, you should clean it with a disinfectant there and then so as to prevent it from staining the floor.

Make use of a lint roller

These rollers are easily available in the market as they are used for cleaning the lint from clothes. Guess what? You can also use them for getting rid of fur. All of you have to do is run the roller through the sofa, bed, and clothes. Do not forget to wash it after every cleaning exercise.

Clean your pet

Consider brushing your pet’s hair at least every alternative day so that it does not collect like chunks on his body. You can also consider bathing him or her every two weeks. Also, remember not to brush his hair while its wet as that can aggravate the hair fall even more.

Vacuum clean the house

You can consider cleaning your house of dirt and filth with the help of a vacuum cleaner as it is capable of cleaning the even little bit of dirt and bits of hair and dander. Vacuum cleaning can be done once in every week or anyway as per your requirements.

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