This list ensembled is evergreen because they have created a massive amount of magic in the fashion industry. They are legends in the field. I mean if you do not know them, you are really losing on the fad part bro. If you happen to style yourself just brace up and look down here, I really assure their aura is gonna elate the vogue within you.

Brigdette Bardot

She was a French actress, singer, dancer and fashion model. She had set the standard for top notch personal style during the 1960’s and 1970’s. She rocked with a combination of perfect bikinis, floppy hats, buttoned up pant suits and simple dresses. Decades later, women around the world aspire to dress exactly like her.

Grace Kelly

She was an American actress by profession who married Prince Rienner who always played her part of being a princess perfectly. Kelly was included into the international best-dressed list hall of fame in 1960.

Numerous exhibitions have been held of Kelly’s life and clothing. During her lifetime she was known for introducing fresh faced look with little makeup. She had a pulled together yet simple look always.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey was a British actress, model, and dancer. She always seemed to be comfortable in dark slacks that were worn higher on her waist. The most striking feature that set Audrey apart from others was her perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

Princess Diana

She was the princess of Wales and the first wife of Charles and the first most famous women in the world.

Diana had an almost uncanny sense for how clothing might enhance her physical presence. She wore cheerful and colorful clothes because she wanted to convey approachability and warmth.

Anthony Perkins

He was an American actor and singer born in New York city. He had wholesome looks and penchant for Ivy style. In one of his role as a Psychopath, he wore Buttoned down brooks brothers shirts and aviator style reading glasses.

Marilyn Monroe

She was the most popular American actor and model and continues to be till date. Her signature pose can never be forgotten at all in which she is seen wearing a white halter neck blowing in the wind. She always chose to wear clothes that would fit her perfectly, baggy tees and trousers were a strict no to her. She would always wear jewelry with her outfits to look elegant and sleeky. Pencil skirts and cashmere sweaters were her signature style.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen was an American director and writer who was called the ” king of cool ” too. He had a mischievous and rugged personality. Some of his signature looks to follow can be the double denim look and the turtle neck and blazer combination. He also rocked in three piece suiting piece teamed up with barrels and cuffs. No matter what he wore, he knew how to pump up the glam quotient.

Bob Dylan

He was an American songwriter and owned an array of really popular songs and music directions. He had the most innovative style of all which included black turtlenecks, Chambre shirts, and suede jackets. Guess what? He almost always lend a touch of eyeliner to his eyes to accentuate the rock look.

For fashion may come, and fashion may go but they remain forever. I know its pretty much tough to strive through the roller coaster of make overs but getting taught from these mains is really worth it.

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