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In real life, few people manage to be a driver of various vehicles such as trains, trucks, or ships. However, this experience can be obtained in the virtual world thanks to transport simulations.

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The best transport simulators:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Train Simulator Classic
  • European Ship Simulator
  • SnowRunner

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest in a series of civilian flight simulators dating back to 1982 for PC and Xbox. 40 years have passed since the release of Flight Simulator 1.0, and each new part has remained a benchmark in the world of realistic projects about aircraft!

The user will have to perform free transport flights, having previously studied the controls of the aircraft. As you play along the way you will meet all the major runways in the world. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can turn on autopilot, or check with the dispatcher. The icing on the cake will be the real weather in one or another point of the world, synchronized with real information from the Internet.

Train Simulator Classic

The classic train simulator offers you to manage the trains, controlling all the processes of passenger transportation and the operation of the locomotive. In Train Simulator Classic, you will have to watch not only the stops at the platforms but also the semaphore signals. At first, everything will be difficult to keep up, because there are many controls in the detailed cockpit. However, having adapted, you will only have to show your skills and enjoy the world around the railway tracks.

Train Simulator Classic has an intuitive editor with which the player can plot their route. If you like the work, it is worth showing it to the judgment of other members of the community. In the end, the project greatly diversifies the user’s free time due to the large amount of content.

European Ship Simulator

European Ship Simulator is an underrated civilian ship simulator that lets you drive 8 types of watercraft and walk around the deck from a first-person perspective. You have to get comfortable in the captain’s cabin, having studied the main controls, among which there will be levers and numerous buttons. After a trial swim, you can begin the passage!

European Ship Simulator will offer two dozen tasks. At the same time, the duration of each mission can vary greatly. It will take almost an hour to solve individual goals! The developers have taken care of the variety of gameplay by offering gamers an editor. You can adjust the waves and traffic density in it.


Have you ever wanted to drive a truck with valuable cargo and move along a difficult route? Add to this snow drifts, ice and the absence of a direction beaten by other transport. All of the above applies to the world of SnowRunner.

The user will have to overcome the rigors of technology in areas located in picturesque locations. The player has 40 cars and trucks from well-known manufacturers at his disposal. After completing the tasks, you will get the opportunity to expand your fleet and upgrade your current transport.

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