Why is Turkey a Traditional Food for Thanksgiving– Slurping down the Turkey and Mashed Potatoes is a known tradition for the Thanksgiving Festival but have you ever thought about the origins of these Thanksgiving list of items. Although the basic Thanksgiving menu includes Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Potato, Casserole but the Turkey is just the soul of the entire menu. Ever considered why? Well, scroll below to know about why is Turkey a traditional food for Thanksgiving and the other items in Gourmet Thanksgiving Menu. Have a happy Thanksgiving ya all.

Why is Turkey a Traditional Food for Thanksgiving

The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks about what is the most popular food for Thanksgiving 2019 is definitely Turkey. So, why is Turkey a symbol of Thanksgiving. Well, this fact is quite a mystery because there is no known account of any history regarding the same. We can also relate this fact to the bird being the national symbol of North America. The answer to the question how did Turkey become the Thanksgiving Bird, is just a mystery still.

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Why is Turkey a symbol of Thanksgiving

Although, there is no account of Turkey in the initial dinner for pilgrims in the year 1621. It is also believed that it is a scrumptious bird which can feed so many people on the table and hence is a symbol for Thanksgiving dinner. Another account for the same is given in the story of Sarah Josepha Hale who is called the mother of Thanksgiving. She introduced Turkey as a star of the table in a novel called Northwood.

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Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Food is not only our basic need but also the star of every party and festival. Dinners are totally incomplete without these delicacies. Besides Turkey, the Thanksgiving Dinner also consists of many other delicious meals and beverages. Scroll below to the list of the awesome lip smacking options for the traditional food items.

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Green Casserole

The origins of the Green Casserole dates back to the year 1955. It was first made in Berlin and was actually invented by a women. The dish can both be vegetarian or non veg according to your choice. All you need to do is prepare gravy with butter and spices and mince veggies and meat along.

Mashed Potatoes

The Mashed Potato is made in various ways and was first originated in the United Kingdom region. The dish is often made by grinding salt, pepper, veggies and other all relevant ingredients together to create a side dish.

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Cranberry Sauce

Making a Cranberry Sauce for the Thanksgiving dinner or lunch is the easiest task as it hardly takes 10 minutes to make some of it. The delicious sauce is made of sugar, water, cranberries and orange zest mixed well.

Pumpkin Pie

Although, the Pumpkin pie is a little hard to prepare, the final outcome is like an award for everyone. The pie is usually made of pumpkin puree, heavy cream, sugar, salt, water, vanilla extract and other related ingredients as well.

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