Coats have become essentials of our wardrobe for the winter season.While moving on with my research, I came across Olivia Palermo’s look and instantly became a fan of the socialite’s dressing sense. She wore a powder blue single breasted coat by Valentino and looked uber hot in her outfit.

There are a bunch of options available when it comes to buying coats and here is a lineup.


The best option for a cold winter day is to don a perfect piece of trench coat from your favorite fashion line. Decades ago, it was a part of the British soldier’s outfit and has become a rage amongst fashionistas since then. It’s a loose belted long coat and usually have many buttons attached to it.


The name is royal enough for us all to handle and classy as hell too. It is actually a lounge suit with a flowy hemline and often has a velvet collar. This kind of coats have a very heavy use of yarn into it and thus are warm enough for us.


The beauty of this kind of wardrobe staple lies in the shape of it. These were actually designed for navy officers and gradually became a trend in the fashion industry. They are short in length and have broad lapels.

The British warm coats

I bet you cannot feel even a pinch of the chilly weather while wearing them as they are made up of 100% wool. The length of the coat is varied but it usually falls a little bit above the knee. It is often available in beige color and has large lapels.

Covert Coat

These kinds of coats were earlier used for hunting purposes and now have quite become a wardrobe staple. As the name suggests to conceal something, it aims to keep most of the body hidden and makes you feel warm. It has a tightly woven fabric and is appropriable for your day out dates.

Duffle Coat

Made of a hard and thick material, it is sure to keep you all warmish on that wintry morning of yours. It usually has a hood attached to it and is buttoned neck strap making it all durable and usable.


Strolling through the mall yesterday, I happen to come across a lot of Parka’s displayed inside the showrooms. Parkas have a bigger length and cover the area below the waist. They are made of faux or real fur from the inside sometimes which make them durable even in the Arctic.

Inverness Cape

Capes have been a lot of trends all around the year and being the wardrobe staple of the super detective Sherlock Holmes, it should be a definite buy. It does not have sleeves but comes with large armholes and drapes rest of the body as usual.It is super stylish according to me.

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