The Cardigans have been our friends for ages now. They are everybody’s wardrobe staple. They have a huge amount of panache attached to them. While being in trend is important, we cannot be ignorant about the freezing weather outside. Going to the mall and not being able to differentiate between a set of clothes is a hard task. Hence, I have curated a list of the types of cardigans which are available for men.

Chunky Knits

These have a very heavy amount of fabric and probably keep you warm throughout the day. The knits are available in various designs and shapes. They are by far the most accepted the most useful elements of the winter wardrobe.

V- Neck Cardigans

As the name says it, these type of knitwear has a V-shape neck and are deep from the front. According to me, you can always opt for a tie underneath them to look super elegant and classy as well. These are best to wear in an office environment.

Longline cardigan

These are one of my favorites from the list. They instantly level up your oomph factor and make you look like a swagger. You can wear it with a cool t-shirt and denim jeans to look uber hot on a cold wintry day.

Double breasted cardigan

The buttons go parallel in line for this one, the overlapping of either side is wider than that of a jacket. You can pair them with your denim, chinos or shorts or whatever you find yourself comfortable in.

Belted Cardigans

These go well for a lunch or casual day out with your friends. I would suggest you go for beige, brown or subtle colors when it comes to the belted ones. Always remember the belt of the cardigan should not be very tight and should fit your body frame aptly.

Shawl collar cardigan

If you are planning to buy a cardigan for yourself, please buy the shawl collar one and look handsome as hell in the outfit. These are very sexy when worn with ripped or ruffled jeans.In my opinion, going for a darker color cardigan is the best bet for you.

Patterned Cardigan

These kinds of wardrobe staples go extremely well with narrow fit jeans for guys. Make sure the pattern you are opting for is not too clumsy. Having large prints and patterns do not go well with guys.

Hooded Cardigan

This one is going to be your best friend for the whole of the winter season. These are so comfortable that they can be worn even while you are sleeping. Pair them with any type of denim, shorts or whatever you like. They have the super ability to go with everything.

” Winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear.”

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