Shoes for Men, but what are the different types, well every shoe looks the same when it comes to men, but there are different kinds of boots and shoes for men that are entirely different from each other. The men’s shoe fashion guide is quite interesting to know because we usually do not talk about the men’s dress shoes so much. Shoes with names and pictures are even easier to understand. The different types of shoes for men have different types of uses too. Well. just like girls, even men have their own interests in shoes.

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Well, let me tell you something that you were not aware of. The types of shoes that men wear sometimes also have heels attached to them. Those are not very evident but still there. The different types of footwear for men were initially available in dusty and rough colors, but talking of today’s times, you come across a wide range of bright colors for men too. The trends have changed and so have the style for men’s shoes . The men have their own kinds of differentiation when it comes to footwear and below is the list of Types of Shoes, Sneakers and Boots Guide for Men.

 History Of Footwear With Timeline

Loafer Shoes

types of shoes for men loafers

The loafer shoes are quite in trend these days because they have the capacity to perform both as formal shoes as well as party shoes. They usually are in a shape of a boat. The also have a buckle or a metal strap for an added up appeal. The loafer shoes are worn with loafers socks

Sneaker Shoe

types of shoes for men and their uses

Sneakers are somewhat like sport shoes as they are extremely comfortable. The sneaker shoes are in trend in white as of right now and you can pair these with anything from jeans to shorts. Sneakers are like hiking shoes.

Moccasin Shoe

types of shoes for men with their names and pictures

The moccasins are shoes that originated from the North American Indians many years ago. These shoes are quite different in their making because of the fact that they are made up of soft leather. The major element that differentiates it from others is the fact that a piece of leather is sewn together and folded upwards and on the sides.

Oxford Shoe

types of shoes with their names and pictures

The oxford shoes are known for their closed lacing patterns ie the laces attached to shoe are hidden inside the vamp. The oxford shoes are believed to have originated from the standard boots of the 1800’s. Some also believe that these oxford shoes were originally worn in Scotland.

Derby Shoe

types of shoes with their names and pictures

Derby Shoes are often confused with the oxford shoes because they somewhat look alike. The major difference between both of them is the facing of the tab which is under the vamp in case of Oxfords and above the vamp in case of the Derby. The originally were introduced as the hunting boots.

Monk Strap Shoe

types of shoes with their names and pictures

So why is it called the monk strap in the very first place? Well, the monk strap shoe is known so because of the fact that they were initially worn by the monks. The major element of the monk strap shoe is that it has buckle of leather that is fastened in single or double closure above the shoe.

Chukka Boot Shoes

types of shoes for men with their names and pictures

The name of this footwear seems a little weird but the shoes are elegant as heck. Chukka boots are worn by the players in a polo match because they are comfortable and do not hamper the shape of one’s trouser’s bottom. They also have a round face and open lacing.

Chelsea Boot Shoes

types of shoes for men with their uses

Chelsea Boots are usually worn in formal occasions because they have a class of their own. The quarter of the shoes and the vamps are made of the same leather and these boots are usually without any kind of blingy material or embellishments which is why they look so classy. The boots were originated from the house of Queen Victoria’s shoe maker.

Brogue Shoes

types for shoes for men with their names and pictures

Brogue shoes are also known as wingtip shoes as the front resembles the making of the aircraft. It is perforated in a standard pattern and the toe and side in the front are curved making a beautiful shape.

Combat Shoes

types of shoes for men oxford

We can make out the definition of the combat shoes from their name itself. Combat shoes are worn by people in the military as their soles have a tough grip that enables to walk precisely. They also provide full protection of the feet.

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