So, you are heading out for a good boy for your dear eyes and are very confused about what should be your next bet, do not worry we have solutions for you. You must have read at many places that you should buy sunglasses according to your face shape, that is very much true but before that, you need to know what are the different options available for you.

There have been many ongoing trends related to eyewear but no matter what ! my favorite would always be the wayfarers style. It is classy and looks really elegant with whatever you wear it with. The main aura of the ornament comes from the shape it possesses, it is out of this world man. I am totally obsessed with them.

Here is a line up for the best choices for you.

The aviators

Did you know these kinds of sunglasses were made for pilots so as to protect the eyes while they were on duty? How cool isn’t it? Well, these cover the whole area of the eye and protect it from the sunlight.

The Round glasses

This trend ages back to many years. As the name implies, these are round in shape and have been quite a rage. Even I got a pair of these for myself but frankly saying, they did not suite my petite face. Hence, you need to be very careful before opting for them.

The club master

These have a lot of resemblance to the aviator style and the only difference which is present in the width of the browline. They usually offer protection from the sun rays and come in various pretty colors.

The Cat eyes

The evergreen Audrey Hepburn loved these kinds of glasses and wore it often. As the name says, they are like the cunning cat’s eye and have wider outer edges. They look really funky for a day out at the beach.

The Oversized

It is quite a task to carry them on yourself. If worn on the right face shape with the right attire, they will make you look uber hot. If not they can ruin your look to a great extent. Make sure you check it on your face twice or thrice before paying for them at the store.


Honestly, I am really not a fan of these kinds of sunglasses. These come without any edges or outlines and are available in different colors as well. The rimless sunglasses was quite in the swing in the 90’s.

Oval shaped sunglasses

These kinds of eyewear have never gone out of style and never will probably. Contemporarily, they have started coming in various colors and shapes.

Shutter shades

Well, when I look at them, I literally feel that they are quite obnoxious. They do not provide protection for the eye but are quite in trend in for people who are rappers or singers.

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