Udta Punjab Trailer is epic! Shahid Kapoor and Alia are freaking awesome!

Udta Punjab has got everyone’s attention. Slated for release on 17th June 2016, Udta Punjab has an amazing star cast. Already it seems to be the most anticipated Bollywood movie this year.

First look of Udta Punjab made our jaws drop with Shahid Kapoor in a rockstar avatar, Kareena Kapoor Khan as a doctor, Alia Bhatt as a Bihari migrant, and Diljit Dosanjh as a cop.

On 17th April 2016, everyone was hooked to Youtube to be the first ones to catch movie trailer of Udta Punjab.

Your patience has paid off really well! This trailer is epic!

Previously, Balaji Motion Pictures released dialogue posters and logos; take a look.

Alia Bhatt in Udta Punjab l Dialogue Poster

0:58 best ever dialogue by Alia Bhatt. Amazing! 😀

Kareena Kapoor in Udta Punjab l Dialogue Poster

Diljit Dosanjh in Udta Punjab l Dialogue Poster

Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab l Dialogue Poster

Udta Punjab | Motion Logo | Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Diljit Dosanjh

All videos from Youtube / Balaji Motion Pictures

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