30 Facts About United States of America You Didn’t Know

Facts about American Culture are quite interesting and everyone in the world want to know about them. Facts are always interesting perhaps that is the reason we are so addicted to the the history and scientific theories that are sometimes aired on the TV Channels. We instantly want to know all the serious ones and funny facts about different cultures. The American History is quite rich and there are various facts that everyone should know hence know. The States have a lot in its kitty be it weird or funny. Let us start our journey with a list of about 30 facts about America as well as the American history.

The United States of America comprises of 50 states and is definitely a developed nation. The states are strong financially as well as architecturally. The country has always been on a developing high. You can know some of the amazing facts about the history of United States of America from here.

Until the year 1907, the festival of Christmas which is a pagan holiday was illegal and nobody was allowed to celebrate it.


The American 50 star flag has actually been designed by a 17 year old. He initially had designed it for his school project.

The states of Arizona produces enough of cotton to make two T-shirts for every American out there.


It could take somebody around 400 years to stay at every Las Vegas hotel room.

The Empire State building has actually has its own zip code.

The state of Maryland is the wealthiest states in the Unites States of America.

It is said that half of the presidents of America who died while on duty were from the state of Ohio.

The Denver International Airport is actually twice the size of Manhattan which is in New York.

It is an ironical fact that the state of Rhode Island which is the smallest in size out of all has the longest official name.

The state of Wyoming in the Unites States of America has only two sets of escalators.

The world’s smallest park which is just 2 feet wide can be found in the state of Portland.


The largest Air Force in the world is the United States of America Air Force.

The United States of America is definitely the land of Pizza as about 100 acres of Pizza is served everyday.

The Four Corners Monument marks the the center of the four states which are Colorado, Ohio, Arizona and New Mexico.

It is a very interesting fact that the ransom paid to a kidnapper is indeed tax deductible in USA.

There is no official language that is spoken in the country of United States of America.

The country uses the 18% of the world’d energy.

8 out of 10 disasters that affected the country’s economy have always been Hurricanes.

The state of Kentucky has the lowest rate of divorce in the country.

The highest paid public employee in the United States of America is always the football coach.

The name of a town in the state of Michigan is actually called ” Hell”.

The states of Montana has three times the number of cows than its people.

The United States of America is the leading force behind the internet.

The second most commonly spoken language in the United States of America is Spanish.

The maximum petroleum energy is used by the United States of America.

Maximum number of people walk to work in the states of Alaska.

The Unites States of America’s dollar bill has several hidden images.

Most Presidents of the United States of America have taken birth in the state of Virginia.

The Presidents of the United States of America have code names for their safety.

By 2020, the state of Orlando will have the world’s tallest roller coaster.

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