Valentine Week List 2019: Rose day, Propose day, Hug day, Kiss day, Valentines day

Celebrate the month of love, February 2019, in your special way. Here are all the days list of the Valentine Week 2019 starting from 7th Feb to 21st Feb.


Valentine Week List 2019

The Valentine Week 2019 consists of Rose day, Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Hug day, Kiss day, Valentines day. It starts on 7th February 2019 and ends on 14th February 2019.

How should your Valentine week 2019 be like.!

valentine week 2019

The Valentine week 2019 should be really really special for your beau no matter what. If you have recently married the love of your life and are spending the Valentine week 2019 with them, then consider giving them a nice platinum ring. If not possible for you, you can also give them a special Valentine gift ie a nice Vacation.The Valentine week 2019 can be spent having long talks so that you get to know each other more and more.

Valentine Week List 2019

February is called the month of love for a good reason. The shortest month of the year has love in the air! On one hand the Valentine week 2019 is most popular, on the other hand, the week after it is also celebrated. There are 15 days in this month that celebrate love. Brush up your love knowledge with Valentine week list 2019. Here is the 7 Feb to 21 Feb days list:

Love filled days in Valentine Week 2019

Valentine Week List after 14 Feb

  • Slap Day 2019: Friday, 15th February 2019 ✋
  • Kick Day 2019: Saturday, 16th February 2019 👢
  • Perfume Day 2019: Sunday, 17th February 2019 🌼
  • Flirt Day 2019: Monday, 18th February 2019 😏
  • Confession Day 2019: Tuesday, 19th February 2019 🙂
  • Missing Day 2019: Wednesday, 20th February 2019 😢
  • Breakup Day 2019: Thursday, 21st February 2019 💔

Know all the Valentine Week List 2019 dates, days and how to celebrate them.

Valentine Week List 2019 Calendar

This handy calendar will help you remember all the dates of the Valentine week 2019.

The greatest thing in life is finding someone who knows all your mistakes and still sees the best in you.

In my opinion, there is no specified date or day to express your love, it can even be expressed on a boring Sunday afternoon. Valentine’s week is just a way to celebrate your love in a more contemporary way.

From time memorial, the Valentine week is celebrated by people of all ages. Hence, I have curated the list of all the days in the Valentine week 2019 with their annotations. Here we go.

Rose Day 2019: Thursday, February 7

This is perhaps the sweetest thing that you can do for your significant other. Tell them that you love them by presenting them with a Red Rose. If you want to express your love towards your friends or family, consider expressing it with a yellow flower instead.

What do the colours of roses represent?

The colour of a rose signifies what various emotions. Here is what each colour represents:

  • Red: Love and romance
  • Yellow: Friendship and joy
  • Lavender: Love at first sight and majestic
  • Pink: Love and appreciation
  • White: Innocence and purity
  • Orange: Desire and passion

Propose Day 2019: Friday, February 8

On this day, you get to have a chance to confess to the king or queen of your life that you really really are in love. There can be many ways to propose. According to me, to make this day special, you should propose thy love in an innovative way.

Chocolate Day 2019: Saturday, February 9

Impress your love with their favorite chocolate. A little bit of Chocolate therapy can do wonders in your relationship. Make sure you discover about their choice well in advance.

Teddy Day 2019: Sunday, February 10

Of course, your beau needs somebody to cuddle with when you are not present. Gift them a miniature version of yourself in the form a cute and charming teddy bear.

Promise Day 2019: Monday, February 11

Taking vows are really really important in a relationship. This day marks the prominence of making unbreakable bonds with the person.

The foremost promise that every lover should make is that of supporting significant other through all thick and thin.

Hug Day 2019: Tuesday, February 12

Sort out all your tiffs by hugging it out with your beloved on the Hug Day. In my opinion, you should celebrate this day with your parents and siblings as well. Hug them and make them feel that you will never ever stop loving them no matter what.

Kiss Day 2019: Wednesday, February 13

Marilyn Monroe rightly said that the real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just by staring into space. Celebrate this day with your lover in the most awe-inspiring way as possible.

Valentines Day 2019: Thursday, February 14

The Valentine week eventually ends with the commencement of Valentine day on 14th February which is also known as the day of love. If you are in search of Valentine day ideas, you will find ample on this site.

Slap Day 2019: Friday, February 15

After a lot of mushy love, here comes the time for vengeance. This is the time for all those people who have been betrayed or just want to take out their frustration on somebody they do not like at all.

Kick Day 2019: Saturday, February 16

Go a level up from just slapping the person you do not like. This week actually is known as the hateful week. Though I do not like to promote violence, you can still celebrate the week in a jolly fun way.

Perfume Day 2019: Sunday, February 17

Perfume day is celebrated to give the already destructive relationship the last chance, you can present a good quality perfume or deodorant to your ex to know whether it can still work or not.

Flirting Day 2019: Monday, February 18

Are you tired of your old relationship? Want to get rid of all the tears and pains that the relationship bestowed you with? Cool, flirt around with the person you have a crush on, who knows you might succeed.

Confession Day 2019: Tuesday, February 19

Guys, its time to confess your feelings, be it hateful or lovable. Just express your inner self to the one who needs to know your exact emotions. It is rightly said that a confession has to be a part of your new life.

Missing Day 2019: Wednesday, February 20

It is rightly said that sometimes you miss the memories and not the person! This day is exclusively made for the people who really miss their special someone and wanna get back to them. If you too miss somebody, try getting in touch or forgiving the person.

Breakup Day 2019: Thursday, February 21

Breakups are always sad. After all the romantic and lovable days of the month, the Valentine week ends with a day reserved for all those who have had heartbreaks. Spending the day totally depends on you.If you have been betrayed just try to move on and forgive the person. Here is a beautiful quote for all of you, let go of people who dull your shine, poison your spirit and bring your drama. Just cancel your subscription to their issues.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind in life is that you should only offer your love to somebody you are genuinely in love with. Put in all your efforts into the advances and you may succeed in a jiffy.


  1. This is the most pretentious post I’ve read. Do people really believe in this?

    Happy Valentines Week to anyone who’s reading this. Just know that these particular days are void of meaning; it’s the emotion that counts.

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