So, what does your walk say about your personality? Well! Did you know men actually try to understand what a woman’s walk says about her? For instance, if while walking the head is held high and her walk is not trippy at all that means the lady is not at all nervous and if the walk seems somewhat trippy and slow that means that the lady is actually nervous. What does a walk say about you? Well, it conveys all about your personality probably! Some people ask why do I walk so fast ? Well, Walking Style Psychology is a thing really and thus we have curated insights into what does your walk actually say about you?

Reading about the Walking Style Body Language has been quite an interesting thing to do, scroll below to know everything about it. Abraham Lincoln rightly says that “ I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.”

1When someone walks swinging their arms

It is believed that when someone walks this way then we can say that he or she is happy and enthusiastic and is probably in a very good mood. The way they walk is a sure fire sign that they are positive personalities.

2When someone walks sloppily

Well, someone who has a lethargic personality will probably walk like this. When they walk it seems like they are no energy left in them and even walking little distance is a task for them. These people can get into trouble at work for their laid-back attitude.

3When someone walks swinging their body

These people are mostly girls and they walk in such a way to flaunt their fashion sense and perfect body. This type of walk attracts lots of attention and the happening one of course.

4When someone walks with their hand folded

You must have seen a lot of people who walk like this. Well, the literal meaning of such walking is that the particular person is feeling insecure or is fearful of something. They could also be anxious.

5When someone walks with their eyes down to the floor

People who walk with their eyes down on the floor show that they are simply not comfortable with the environment and are not open to the people around them. They basically don’t want to interact.

6When someone walks with their head held up high

When people walk in this way, it is evident that that very person is quite confident and has a strong personality. They walk as if they own the world which is quite a good thing. These type of people have quite an impressive quality.

7When someone gives gestures while walking

People who gesture other people while walking, for instance raising up their hands up in the air. They have a springy personality and are quite energetic.

8While someone walks with heavy steps on the floor

These people probably want to make others feel know of their presence, they are like the dominant ones. People who walk like this want to be the leader in the pack.

9When someone walks and think simultaneously

People who are always thinking while they are walking seem to be distracted by something or the other in life. They are always in thoughts while walking.

10When someone walks with their hands in the pocket

This one is quite contradictory as keeping hands inside the pocket could also mean that the person is feeling cold or it might also be conclusive of the fact that the person is not comfortable is what he or she is wearing.

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