In India, power outages are widespread. Some areas experience regular power outages of more than two hours, while others suffer power cuts due to severe weather or voltage fluctuations. The regular power outages are disruptive and can be irritating.

Purchasing inverter and batteries is the best way to deal with repeated power outages. But, buying an inverter battery could be a challenging. Since inverter batteries are costly, you should pay attention to certain factors before purchasing them.

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It can be a daunting task to choose the best inverter battery in India. When purchasing an inverter battery, consider factors such as battery size, backup time, and capacity. Before buying the best inverter battery, you must check your household requirements. You’ll also need to equate the inverter’s VA rating to the battery’s to ensure compatibility so that the power backup system works efficiently.

To help you out with the same, we have mentioned some pointers to be kept in mind before investing in the best inverter battery:

  1. Type of Battery

Tubular and flat plate batteries are the two most popular types of inverter batteries. 

  • Tubular Plate Battery

Tubular batteries have a long lifespan and are stable. Even though they are more expensive than other inverter batteries, they are in high demand due to their extended service life. Tubular batteries are the best option when the load requirement is high. Also, if you need a low-maintenance battery, tubular batteries are the way to go.

  • Flat Plate Battery

Flat Plate batteries are fastest charging batteries and are easy to use. These are the best inverter batteries if space is a constraint. A lot of house owners select them since these batteries are less expensive. Flat plate batteries are the ideal home inverter battery for small families on a budget.

  1. Battery Capacity

Finding a battery with sufficient power backup capacity is the most critical aspect of battery selection. Based on how many gadgets you have in your house; the battery capacity can vary. After calculating the needs of your home, you can purchase the best inverter battery that is appropriate for your home.

  1. Weight of the Battery

We know that assessing the quality, capacity and size of the battery is essential before you purchase a battery. However, one thing that people usually miss out on while buying the best inverter battery is its weight. A heavier battery can use higher-quality plates, giving it a longer lifetime in theory. So, check the battery weight after removing the packaging to make a prudent buy. 

  1. Wet Cell Vs SLA

Wet cell batteries are inexpensive to buy and maintain than SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries. On the other hand, SLA batteries have a much shorter lifetime and require less maintenance and care. They are also more expensive than wet cell batteries. As a result, SLA batteries usually have a higher return on investment despite being more costly than wet cell batteries.

The best inverter battery plays a vital role in your home battery backup system. It is responsible for maintaining the backup voltage while the inverter controls the battery’s electric charge. You should explore market leaders like Luminous that offer the best inverter batteries online. We are one of the most dependable brands for power backup generation systems and are cost-effective at the same time. we provide three variants of inverter batteries—GEL Battery, Tubular Plate Battery and Flat Plate Battery. Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned tips, you can choose the best inverter battery for your home. 

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