Most of us search for things which help us to increase positive energy at home. Well, markets are actually filled up with positive home decor items and you can certainly buy them whenever you want to. Vastu tips are also available for our homes so that we can bring in the positive energy items and objects and instill that amazing positive energy at our home.

I remember how one of my friend’s grandparents used to tell us all to keep the windows open during the early mornings and if safely possible in the daytime as well. Now, do you know what is the reason behind it? It is believed that the sunlight brings in positive energy in the house and wards off all the dark and shady energies that have made a place at our homes and probably this is why we are always asked to keep the lights on of our rooms when we are sitting there. It is not considered good at all to sit in a dark and shady room.

We have listed a bunch of ways to increase positive energy at home. Scroll below to know more.

Keep it clutter free

First thing first, the house needs to keep clean of any kind of clutter because a filthy house can never attract positive energy inside. The dirt and filth in the house will just cause fights among the family members and will also increase negativity in the house. So clean, clean and clean.

Bring inside plants

You should probably bring in some cool and pretty plants and flowers inside your home as nature provides tranquility to our senses. You should always keep the windows open to let in the sunlight and fresh air. However, always keep in mind the safety.

Essential Oils

If you are not allergic to the aroma of these oils, then you can bring in some essential oils and diffusers and keep them in the common room or whenever you think it is viable. These aromas clean the air of negative energy and also kill bacteria and viruses. For instance, you can use peppermint, rose or basil oils.

Choose the wall painting and pictures wisely

The wall paintings of your homes should also be chosen very wisely, you should never opt for images that penetrate negative energies in the atmosphere. The image of someone dying, of hunger or anything that is unfortunate, should definitely be avoided. Instead, you can put happy pictures of your family or happy events etc.

Get paint done accordingly

Never paint your room in a very dark color if the length and width of the room are small as it will make the room look more fussy and small. Dark colors can work if you have a very big well-ventilated room otherwise always paint the walls in a cool and light color to ensure cool vibrations and lend positive energy all around them.

Add Wind chimes

The sweet and lingering sounds of the windchimes instill positivity in the house and secure the correct path of energy flow. They clear away the obstacles and create a pleasing effect.

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