“When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade and drink your worries away.” I have heard this phrase a lot but always fail to follow it. Sometimes life is so harsh on us that we definitely fail to understand and believe that why all this is happening only with us. All of these when put up together make us feel all negative.

When someone feels low, they tend to cry more, they might be all negative in their thoughts and that is the time when you need to pull yourself together. You must have all heard about the cognitive therapy and counseling that people suggest you go for but not all of us can avail that. We might be all secretive about the situation we are going through or perhaps do not want our family to go through that stress and that is why it is important for us to find ways to help ourselves when we are feeling low.

Here are some ways in which you can.

Acknowledge your situation

First things first, you need to first identify that these kinds of situation will come and go but you need to realize that having patience is the only thing that you can do and you shall remember that this too shall pass on. The happy times do not remain for forever and the same goes for the sad ones.

Never hear sad songs

This is tried and tested! People tend to hear a lot of sad songs when they are upset or feeling low but seriously they will make you cry even more. Instead of them, try to hear rocking and hep songs it will distract you from the pain for at least some time.

Be a little secretive

We know how bad you are feeling about your situation but remember not to trust every person you meet. Do not share your personal problems with someone at work or any casual friend. They might boast about it and make fun out of it. Hence, trust only those who genuinely care for you.

Do not depend on temporary pain reducers

Getting high on alcohol or drugs is not at all a solution. They sure will make you feel happy and will certainly make you forget your situation for some time. But that my friend is temporary happiness and will not last for long and it is actually going to make you more addictive towards it. So just avoid it.

Be grateful for what you have

Some people might not have the same kind of facilities and smooth life like you. So, just tell yourself that you are the luckiest person on earth because God loves you and you should probably be thankful for that.

Dance Dance

This helps every single time, just put on your earphones and dance your pain out. The most amazing part of this tip are the benefits that it will help you to prevail. Dancing will make your body exercise which will eventually help in the release of the happy hormones. It will also make you feel confident and less upset about your situation. Just let go.  

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