In the world of millennials, where the concept of traditional dating is dead and buried, no wonder you need a survival guide when you’re in the mood for romance. Even when they crave excitement and mystery, millennials will hardly let it show, and they will either get all serious with your relationship after a few hook-ups or ghost on you, just as if there is no in-between. 

So, prepare for a series of no-strings-attached and almost-relationship encounters, before you’ve met your match.Here are a few tips on how to survive dating with millennials and overcome all these obstacles.

Use Dating Apps

4 out of 5 Tinder users are millennials, claiming they are looking for meaningful relationships, so if you’re back in the game, get yourself a dating app account. Brought up in a world where one could meet at the café and fall in love, they are fully grown into a world where one can exist completely detached from other people. Millennials  use dating apps for their sex-encounters, and that is, most often, where the story ends. Still, don’t let these statistics stop you, as you will be the one pulling the strings on the other side, and you may get a whole different ending.

Get Used to Texting

As for the flirting phase, prepare for millennials showing their interest in the most unromantic way – they will hang out with you, sometimes face to face, but most often virtually. Millennials will text you or like your social media posts but not too often, so you wouldn’t by any chance get an idea they are committing to some kind of relationship. And if you do flirt back and text them too, don’t expect an instant response– several calculations should be made in the mind of a millennial before they decide exactly when it is the right moment to text you back.

Be Ready for Ghosting

Prepare for the next scenario. You’ve hooked-up several times, had as deep conversations as they can ever be via texting, and suddenly –nothing. Crickets! Like they’ve vanished, been abducted by aliens or possessed by a spirit of obliviousness. Not a single word from them. Not ready to make a commitment, and not ready to have such a conversation either, so they choose to ghost on you as a solution.

Give a Second Chance

Sometimes, you will feel the need to give a second chance, either to yourself and to your previous hook-up or significant other. OK, you’ve ghosted on that guy once, but a whole year has passed and you both had many experiences to learn from. Know what you’re worth and be confident,  text back, like a true millennial, and ask for a date, as no millennial would ever do. But that’s it. There’s no such thing as a third chance. 

Be Open

After you’ve had a few, most often sexual encounters with a millennial, things may start to feel serious.You may expect a pretty direct communication on the commitment issue, with a romantic interlude and a present that can even make you misty-eyed for a second. You’ve never dreamed someone is going to name a star after you, have you? And when they try to kiss away the wrinkles under your eyes, don’t be afraid to be open and either smile along or try to slow things down.

Be Active

Millennials usually recruit partners they commit to from their friends, or friends of their friends, or their colleagues. So, instead of focusing on your digital circles only, think about broadening your offline ones. Going on hiking trips can do wonders for your health, but it is also a perfect place for forming meaningful relationships. Along with your sports activities, your hobbies can also be a great way to meet new people you share interests with, and someone interesting may easily come along.

All these do’s and don’ts, strategies and calculations can make you feel a bit drained and sometimes even hopeless. Still, fear not. Other millennials are searching for their soulmates too, and if you let yourself shine and show your true colors, sooner or later you will get what you’ve been looking for.

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