After long days of humid May finally, monsoon has arrived in Mumbai. The continuous showers enhance the beauty of this city. There is an old saying that Mumbai surprises you a lot adding to this I would say not only Mumbai but the surrounding tourist places also surprise you. The Western Ghats are very close to Mumbai that exhibits a different mood of Monsoon. Along the coastal line of Arabian Sea have a lot of beautiful weekend getaways, which becomes more beautiful in Monsoon. We are enriching you with the insight about these places.


Kamshet is situated at the distance of 108km from Mumbai. This place is famous for its beautiful landscape. Migratory birds flock here during the monsoon that adds more color to the lush green backdrop. Kamshet is famous for Paragliding so if you are into adventure sports,    then Kamshet the best weekend destination for you. You can go to Shinde wadi hills, which is the Paragliding point. From here on you can fly like a bird. Do not forget to visit the Pavana dam to have some water fun.


Lonavala is undoubtedly the best weekend getaway in Monsoon. It is just at the three-hour drive from Mumbai. The slow drizzling near the overflowing Bushi Dam fills your heart with joy that will squeeze away the anxieties of a hectic city life. The waterfall located near the Bushi dam attracts you with its milky flow of water. You can visit Tiger point, which is usually covered with mist during monsoon. A bowl of Maggie and a cup of tea at Tiger point will make your day.

Malshej Ghat

Another jewel of Sahyadri ranges, Malshej Ghat is a soothing place to relax on a long weekend. This place is at the distance of around 130km from Mumbai. You can get involved in camping, trekking or just capture the natural beauty of this place. Migratory birds like Flamingos flock to this place during monsoon.


The beauty of Matheran reaches to its optimum level during Monsoon. It offers you a lush green view of the Sahyadri range with clouds descending over the town. Since it is an eco-sensitive zone, hence no vehicles are allowed. To visit this place you have to travel on horseback or hand-pulled rickshaws. So if you are fed up with the fast paced life of Mumbai, this place will rejuvenate your senses and will keep you moving till the next weekend.


If you want to enjoy the serene and the surreal backdrop of monsoon then Igatpuri is the best place for you. Located at the distance of around 125km from Mumbai it takes just three hours to reach this hill station. The grayish mist of the rainy season on the hills of Sahyadri ranges gives it a surreal feeling. Igatpuri has an international Vipassana Centre, which attracts the visitor from all over the world. You can enjoy meditating on the lap of Sahyadri ranges at Dhammagiri and add substance to your life.

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