So what do guys really wear on Cinco De Mayo? Is it something  that is uniformly worn? What is Cinco De Mayo? Probably these are the questions that run through everyone’s mind. Cinco De Mayo traditional clothing is all about the Escaramuza style dress or the Puebla dresses. Well, these dresses are really gorgeous and colorful in their appeal. The traditional dress also includes a blouse and a skirt. The dress also includes a lace and consists of three colors red, green and white.

So, if you are confused about how to dress for a fiesta party then you can choose from the Cinco De Mayo costumes and then decide upon your outfit and costumes. If you want to know about the Cinco De Mayo traditions, then you can check out over here. Well, if we talk about the Mexican fiesta clothes the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind. Cinco De Mayo is not only about the girls, even guys look out for what do guys wear on Cinco De Mayo.

Here are some insights on what you can wear on Cinco De Mayo celebration.

First of all. You can opt for any color that you feel looks really colorful on you and if you are not participating in the parade, then you can wear an any nice and colorful top or dress of your choice.

Scroll below for some options.

Floral Yellow Short dress

This elegant yet colorful yellow dress is available for a price anywhere between $19.99 to $20.99. The loose sleeves of the dress are quite trending and fashionable and on the whole perfect for Cinco De Mayo celebration.This dress is available in various other colors as well.

The Mexican Fiesta dress

The dress is quite perfect for a late night party and thus you can opt for it if you are going to one. You can buy this dress from Amazon from anywhere between $14.99 to $25.86. The best part about it is that it includes a headpiece, sash, and the dress so that you are decked up from head to toe.

Traditional Cinco De Mayo dress

The traditional Cinco De Mayo dress looks completely like the Mexican flag that is up to the mark. The dress is available on Amazon for a price of $21.95. You can buy it if you are going to a parade. The dress comes with a scarf or a red sash.

Sexy Senorita dress

If you want to look like a sexy girl in the Cinco De Mayo party then you can go on with the sexy senorita dress and look all appealing and hot in the party. You can buy it from Amazon from anywhere between $39.11 and $98.56. The dress is quite easy to wear as it is made of stretch material.

Long Senorita Costume

This costume is available on Amazon from anywhere between $22.90 and $45.97 and is just the same costume as worn by a female Mexican dancer who danced to the beats in an Indian movie song called “ Senorita”. The package includes headpiece and the dress. You can team up your outfit with strappy sandals.

Swing Race Skirt

The skirt is available for a price of $39.00 on Amazon and is offered in various colors. For Cinco De Mayo celebrations, you can either opt for a red, black or green dress which you can eventually team up with a white blouse to achieve the look that resembles the Mexican flag.

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Cinco De Mayo Tequila Shooter Dress

The dress is available on Amazon for a price from anywhere between $31.29 and $74.54 and the package includes the dress, belt with holsters and striped belt. If you are keen to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a pinch of Tequila, then this dress will be your best bet.

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