This game is so addictive that is has gained importance in the celeb fraternity too, Paris Hilton awards it a title of such cute game while people like Kylie find it unable to understand. Kanye west also appreciates it by saying that it made him smile . The game consists of 225 caption cards and 45 photo cards priced at $29 dollars. The game is meant for a group of friends and family . The number of players can be exceeded up to 20 .

If somebody knows how to surf the internet, it won’t take much longer for them to learn its and bits of the game. The game is meant for people above 17 Yrs of age.You can buy the “ the what do you meme-box “ from retail stores or order it online from the official site. It takes anywhere between 3-5 business days for domestic transit in the U.S and it could take anywhere between 6 – 30 days for international deliveries depending on the customs clearances.

The main aim of the game is to have fun and indulge in stress-free hours, I believe it is much better than a fidget spinner in all aspects. You can also opt for the basic bitch pack for $9.99 along with the main game which offers you with 15 more photo cards as well as 50 more caption cards.

Now let us see how it works, there are two kinds of cards.The lead player draws a meme card and other in the group have to pair their caption cards with it .Whosoever pairs a hilarious caption card wins a point and the game goes go on and so forth.

It has turned out to be one of the best selling board game on Amazon attaining 4.5 stars out of 5. The one and only flaw of the game is that targets adult audience and cannot be played along with family and kids. This game is a hit on Instagram too and has managed to gather tons and tons of followers for Fuckjerry.

If you think you have got the nature of a beast to help boost laughter till your tummy hurts, this is probably the perfect gaming arena for you. Some of the best memes that will force you to cause a crack up are a part of this scorching box.

The list of tips you need to follow while playing a meme game are

Try and be appropriate in your approach as much as you can.

Analyse the meme card thoroughly and use your tickling genes to pair the best of all.

Try and use the funniest picture that you own.

On the whole, be it a sleepover, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas night, Halloween party, rehearsal dinner or a birthday get together, What the meme is the perfect solution to your recreational needs that too without any fuss.

Enjoy playing !!

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