What is TPIN in Zerodha?

Now you have to use CDSL TPIN + OTP together to authorize debit of securities from your demat account against delivery sale transction.

How to get CDSL TPIN?

After account opening with Zerodha you get an email from edis@cdslindia.com, this email contains your TPIN.

Also you get your TPIN on your registered mobile number.

If you forgot to check your email or mobile at that time, you can generate it again from here.

What is TOTP in Zerodha?

When you open account on Zerodha platform, you set a PIN for your Kite Login. For more security, you can also setup Time based OTP also known as TOTP.

For TOTP you have to install an app in your mobile like BitwardenGoogle® AuthenticatorMicrosoft® Authenticator, or Authy. It generate 6-digit TOTPs for every login. If you are not sure which App to use, we will recommend Google Authenticator.

How to setup TOTP on your mobile App?

You can generate the TOTP by going to kite.zerodha.com on your browser and copy the code key to link your authenticator app.

To know the complete process click here.

Note:  TOTP authentication will fail if the time on your mobile is out of sync.

If you have any other query regarding this, comment below!!

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