So, do you put on primer before or after sunscreen? Perhaps you are quite confused about the question. Well, everybody is. Everyone in the world by now knows that applying sunscreen onto your skin is really really important for the skin as it protects the skin from aging and sunspots. Well, but the question is how to apply sunscreen when wearing makeup. Most of us are stuck between the juggle in the morning about which one will go first? The Moisturizer or the Sunscreen first?

Mixing sunscreen with foundation will not really work instead it will end up being all greasy on the skin which is quite uncomfortable. BB Cream or sunblock first is the question that everyone wants to know during the summer season as soon as they can. So, what is your sunscreen and makeup routine like?

So, first things first, does sunscreen work under makeup? It depends if your makeup product already has an SPF in it, then it’s great and you do not have to put it before. If the foundation does not comprise an SPF in it then the steps that you should follow are written below.

  • Apply a good moisturizing cream on your face that suits your skin type.
  • Then, apply the sunscreen to your skin with a well-needed amount of SPF.
  • Apply your foundation and follow the full makeup process that you go through.
  • After then, just put on some sunscreen spray on your face 20 minutes before heading out in the sun.

The second very important question that is asked is does sunscreen really work under makeup? Well, it does but you definitely have to take care of one major thing while going through the sunscreen and makeup regimen. The thing is to wait for a few minutes after every step. For instance, if you are applying moisturizer then wait for 5-7 minutes before applying the sunscreen after then you will have to wait another couple of minutes to apply some foundation and your makeup.

They say that sunscreen should be applied to your skin every time you head out in the sun or after every 2-3 hours. Well, when you are wearing some makeup then it is always preferable to carry with you a sunscreen that is mattifying and which won’t ruin your makeup.

Despite wearing sunscreen, you should also use other sun preventions for your skin as well. For instance, you should always wear full sleeve shirt probably a bigger size than yours so that you do not feel hot as heck. You can wear a hat or a cap as well. You can also carry a scarf with you to cover yourself up while you are roaming in the scorching sunlight. If it is possible for you, kindly prefer to stay inside the house when the sunlight is the harshest and that is between 10 am to 3 pm. Remember, to always wear your sunscreen lotion whether it is cloudy or sunny.

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