What to buy for Black Friday– Furniture from Biglot, Everyday essentials from Target, Walmart or Best Buy? Well, the Black Friday 2019 ads are already out now and over attractive as well. Some Black Friday Deals 2019 like Call of Duty, Samsung Galaxy S10, Mortface, Miejer, One Plus 7 Pro, Ipad Pro are the shining stars of the Black Friday Shopping fest this year. So, if you want to know about how do you shop on Black Friday? Check out these Black Friday 2019 Deals at Big Lot, Petco, Meijer, Zara and Ipad Pro.

Why is it called Black Friday?

What to Buy on Black Friday

The Shoppers usually rejoice when Black Friday Ads come out in lieu of the Black Friday Celebration. Well, why not these Black Friday Deals and Discounts are a major attraction & they also mark the first official shopping session of the Holiday season in the United States of America. The term Black Friday comes from tragic incident of the 1950’s when the shoppers created a chaos and several tourists flooded the city to watch the Army-Navy Football Game. Black Friday is not a federal holiday although.

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Chocolate Motion Love Seat from Big Lots

Best Deals on Big Lots, Walmart, ps4 pro, Zara and Ipad Pro

Now: $489.00

This love seat console has double reclining motion and has padded footrests. The armrests have a complete footrest mechanism. The double reclining sofa has consoles for drinks. You can keep this sofa in your lounge, lobby and drawing room.

Zara Black Friday Deals 2019

Black Friday Best Deals on Big Lots, Walmart, ps4 pro, Zara and Ipad Pro

The amazing Spanish brand hosts Black Friday sales too. The top Zara Black Friday sales range from 50% discount on Women’s dresses, 50% of on Women’s Jeans, Leather Jackets and Women’s Outerwear all below $50. Shop from zara.com

Floor Liner from Weather Tech Black Friday

what to buy on black friday

Available at Weather Tech, this floor-liner are a perfect way to protect the floor from dirt and shoes mess. So, if you are looking forward for maintaining the cleanliness of the car, then visit the Weathertech online store fo buying one. There are more offers like 24% off on cargo lines etc, check more at Weathertech.

ps4 Pro Black Friday Deals at Walmart

Price Drop Expected: $200

The Sony ps4 pro is available at Walmart for $269. It has a slim system and is 500 GB. The Black Friday Walmart 2019 Sale starts from 6 pm on Thanksgiving. Below listed are the items that are available at a huge discount on Black Friday.For more deals, check out Walmart Online Store.

Ipad pro Black Friday Deals at Target

what to buy on black friday

Price Drop Expected: $479.99

If you are are a Apple products fan then you shall definitely visit the Target Store for buying the Ipad Pro.The Target stores are filled with gush of crowds on the day after Thanksgiving .The stores gushed with thousands of deals from right from small products to a bigger one. Check all deals on the official and website and on online stores of Target.

Black Friday Checklist for Shoppers

There is huge rush at stores and shops during the Black Friday celebration. The showrooms are flooded with both locals and tourists. Hence, there are a few points that you should keep in mind before going on a shopping free for Black Friday.

Make a Check List of Things

Your are bound to get confused by so many items on sale and possibly become attracted to buy them hence ruining your budget. So, your first step before shopping should be to make a checklist of things you actually need and only pick up those from the store.

Know the Right Store

Know what your are looking for first and then research about the store you are going to buy them from. For example, if you are looking to buy Electronic items, you first stop should be to the Best Buy store. Get your priorities straight.

Please avoid taking Kids along

Showrooms and stores are filled with people, sometimes there is less or no space to walk even so it is better to leave kids at home as they are bound to get hurt or lost amidst all the chaos.

Black Friday Facts 2019

Black Friday has become a thing since its advent in the 1950’s hence there are many unknown facts and figures that have come into account for the same. You can check out the amazing and lesser known facts about Black Friday from down below.

  • There have been 98 Black Friday related injuries since 2006.
  • There have been 7 known Black Friday associated death since 2006.
  • In 2008, a Black Friday shooting at Toys R Us store left 2 people dead.
  • Two people were shot outside Walmart in conquest of a parking space.
  • The most dangerous place to shop for Black Friday is Walmart.
  • Apparently, Black Friday is not the biggest shopping day in the United States of America.
  • More than 137 million people shop on Black Friday.
  • More than 1 out 10 people skip traffic lights and cut lines to reach the store earlier.
  • In 2008, a Walmart employee in Long Island was trampled to death by the shoppers, the paramedics who were trying to help in were also injured.

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