Got an Independence Day Dress Code Mail from your reporting manager? Well, you sure want to look the best out of the lot. The what to wear on Independence Day dilemma starts before the week of Independence Day which falls on the 15th of August every year. This time our country India will be celebrating its 72nd Independence Day. The mail regarding the Independence Day dress code leaves everybody in what to wear and what not to wear during the Independence Day Celebrations at office confusion. People with an Independence Day mail format in their mailboxes, please get ready to explore your wardrobe for a perfect combination of Independence Day dress.

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The Independence Day setup need to be more subtle but beautiful as the same time. So,  little efforts and little exploration in some shops or online will give you the perfect product out of the lot. The Independence Day in India is not very far away now and thus whatever it is, it needs to be decided real fast.

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Scroll below to some ideas about what to wear on Independence Day at office.

Dark green skirt and white formal shirt

what to wear on independence day at office

The dark green skirt looks really amazing with a classic white shirt. One thing to remember is to ensure that the skirt is a professional and formal one. You can pair it ballerinas or heels as per your inconvenience.

Green/Orange long kurta

what to wear on independence day at office

The long kurtas with a flare are quite in trend nowadays. Paired with pretty earrings they give you a beautiful look. The kurtas are available online as well as in any cloth shop. Pick your color as per your convenience.

Pure mint suit

independence day dress code

Mint is a very beautiful color and this is quite perfect for the Independence Day wardrobe. You can wear or Indian or Indo-western coat for that matter. Wear subtle makeup for the day.

Kurta and palazzo

independence day dress code

Palazzo can never go out of trend and can be perfect as an Independence Day dress also. You can choose your own color as per the theme of Independence Day. White color is evergreen and looks classic all the time.

All white attire

independence day dress code for office

You can wear a shirt that is white with pants or a suit that is white in color. An all white attire looks really elegant. Pair the whole dress with colorful earrings. Match the dress with a dark green pair of heels.

Tricolor print saree

independence day dress code for office girls

The saree is an traditional Indian attire and looks beautiful on every girl. You can wear a tricolor print saree or any one with a single color. For instance, you can wear a saffron saree or a green one that is plain.

White dress with tricolor scarf

Independence day dress code for girls

If you are more of a dress person, then this one will be your best bet. You can wear a white formal dress and tie a colorful scarf to pair up with it. Wear glossy makeup with the dress.

White dress with embroidery

what to wear on independence day at office

The embroidery is always a good option whenever you are attending a function. You dont have to wear accessories with the dress because an embroidery is rich enough to do the work.

Nautical dress

what to wear on independence day in office

You can wear a white nautical dress with any pair of shoes to create a cool street style look. Pair the dress with a hairband.

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