The Memorial day falls on the 28th of May 2018 and marks as a day to remember those people who have lost their lives in the country’s defense. You can check over here for the detailed history of the Memorial Day. So, why is the Memorial day associated with the barbecue on the first hand? Well, this is because the date actually marks the unofficial onset of the summer season.

Everyone should know that the Memorial day is not only a chance of throwing parties and enjoying the barbecue. The Memorial is a day to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives for America’s well being. Hence, the barbecue should be the second thing and paying condolence the primary reason to celebrate the day.

When we talk about something like this, it doesn’t seem logical at all. How is something like barbecue to be associated with a day so serious and concerned with the deaths of so many people? It is because of the fact that the memorial day falls on the last week of May, everyone starts making plans for their extended weekend and holidays. They want to welcome the summer season with the onset of this day. Many pool parties are organized and vacation plans are made so as to enjoy the holiday week with family and friends.

We know, summers are very special for all us but we should not forget the essence of the day and probably not keep it as secondary at all. We know everyone has due respects for their fellow Americans and nobody would like to disrespect the fact that someone has indeed lost their life for our safety and defense. But this is definitely the day to show off that you really care. Don’t just care about your barbecue parties but do something that actually shows your love towards your country.

Well here are some things that you can do on Memorial day before thinking of your Barbecue party and hence be celebrating the day in a true sense.

Visit the fallen soldier’s family

You can visit the family of someone you know who has lost their loved one in some or the other battles. We know that their sacrifice cannot be compared with anything but you can certainly give your time and love to them and express your gratitude towards them for such a big sacrifice made.

Plant the flag over the grave

You can visit the cemetery with someone elder or your family and put the American flag over the grave to pay your solace towards the brave soldier and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

You can attend special events

You can also attend special events and seminars meant for the men and women who lost their lives serving the US’s military forces. Parades are also held for the same and you can attend them if possible for you.

Support the charity

If your resources allow you, you can probably support some charity that works for the grief-stricken families or the war survivors.

If you have a barbecue party scheduled for the Memorial Day, you can pay your condolences in the daytime and have a party at night because paying your respect is the most important aspect of this day.

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