Why is it called Black Friday- Right after the celebration of Thanksgiving, we come across a day completely dedicated to the huge sale on products at almost every shop and department. But well, have you ever wondered why is it called the Black Friday shopping? Have you ever searched for the fact about how did Black Friday get its name. Do not worry, because we are going to help you out with the entire chronology of events related to the Black Friday Sales, Black Friday History, Dark Facts and the whole story about when did Black Friday get its name. Scroll below to know why is it called Black Friday?

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Why is it called Black Friday

First things first, Black Friday is nothing related to being unfortunate. It is just a term used to define a day when the official holiday shopping trends starts in the United States of America. Tie your shoe laces, fill up your pockets with money and start searching about which store has the best Black Friday Deals. Well, stay with us to know about the Best Buying Options too. Before becoming a part of the the Black Friday Thingy, you should also know why is it observed on the first place..Stores are high on Discounts and Deals which is why Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day since 2005.

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why is it called black friday

Black Friday History

Well, there are a lot of stories attached with this term of Black Friday one of which is concerned with the start of the upliftment of sales before the festive season. There are another stories which are attached to the event as well, you can read about them below. It is the biggest shopping event in the entire United States of America in other words. Check out the different stories about why is it called Black Friday from below.

Where did Black Friday originate from

In the year 1950, large number of tourists and crowd flooded the city in accordance to watch the Army Navy Football match which eventually created traffic jams and chaos. Police and Traffic officers could not take this day off so as to control the situation and hence named the day as ” Black Friday”.

Black Friday and Great Depression

The day which is now associated with the spike in sales in the country was once known for the Financial Crisis when two Wall Street financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould incurred huge losses. They had bought a huge amount of Gold in lieu of selling at a profitable price but the U.S. Gold Market crashed on the September 24, 1869 and both of them got Wall Street bankrupt.

Black Friday for Shop Owners

It is believed that when Shoppers would track their sales accounts for the year, they would usually keep their Losses in Black Color and Profits in Red. It was reported that the accounts would be in the red and usually in black after the Thanksgiving Sales, hence the day was named as the Black Friday.

why is it called black friday

Dark History of Black Friday

The dark history or the dark side of Black Friday holiday relates to the violence and ruckus created by the shoppers every year. People go haywire in lieu of deals sometimes. There have been incidences of hurt and deaths due to stampede, fights etc during the Black Friday in history. You can check out the entire timeline about Dark History of Black Friday from down below.

2008 Incident at Valley Stream, New York

After Thanksgiving 2008, a large crowd of 2000 some people gathered outside Walmart. When the gates finally opened, the crowd got so excited that a 34 year old employee was trampled to death. Crowd did not care much about the victim during their shopping spree.

2010 Volunteer Stabbed

It was reported that a Toys for Tots volunteer was stabbed during the rush hours of Black Friday sales at the store by a shoplifter.

2011 Pepper Spray Incident at Walmart

According to reports, when the entire crowd was waiting for the newly discounted X-box to get unwrapped,A woman got irritated by the pushing and hurting that she took out pepper spray and injured about 20 people at the store.

2012 Dispute over Parking Space

It was reported that two people ran into a tiff regarding parking space outside a Walmart store in Tallahassee, Florida and shot each other in rage.

There have been many unfortunate incidents related to Black Friday sales thereafter as well and Walmart remains the most dangerous and accident prone place on Black Friday every year.

Is Cyber Monday the same as Black Friday

Some people confuse the Cyber Monday and Black Friday as a single term whereas there is a difference between both.

Cyber Monday : Well, the day is defined as a online shopping day on the next Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. It always about 4 days after the holiday. The retailers have introduced this holiday to push online sales of products.

Black Friday : As stated above, Black Friday is a day after the Thanksgiving holiday. The sales usually start on the midnight and sometimes go on until morning.

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