Why is Thanksgiving So Late in 2019– Prepare your Turkey and mash your potatoes, because the 4th Thursday of the month of November brings in a lot of surprises and togetherness every year. Yeah, we are talking about Thanksgiving 2019. But have you ever wondered why is American Thanksgiving so late? Confused about the whole topic regarding what is the rule for the Thanksgiving Date? Well, relax and end your searches about why is Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in 2019 right here. PS, check out the whole why so late history down below.

why is thanksgiving so late in 2019

Why is Thanksgiving So Late in 2019

First things first, a lot of people ask about what day is Thanksgiving during this time of the year. But the thought of the festival occurring on a Thursday never coincides with our thoughts. The origins of the festival as we all know is related to the Plymouth Pilgrim Dinner Treat of 1621. But there is no evidence of the fact that the dinner happened on a Thursday until now. Hence, Scroll below to ease out your confusion regarding the same.

The month of November 2019, begins with a Friday which is why the 4th Thursday falls on November 28th and hence Thanksgiving is so late.

Why is Thanksgiving on 4th Thursday?

The celebration of Thanksgiving is usually on a Thursday because of two main stories attached to the whole rule. Scroll below for information.

Religious lectures happened on Thursday

It is strongly believed that Thursday was considered as one of the most typical days to organize religious lectures and to read scriptures in New England. Some recognized ministers would also have spiritual discussions during this day.

Thursday chosen as a result of unusual calender

The entire timeline is quite confusing but we will simply put the scenario in simple words for you. Since, the month of November started on a Wednesday in 1939 and had 5 Thursdays total, the then president declared the festival to be celebrated on the second to last Thursday of the month. Thanksgiving was officially shifted from second to last Thursday of the month in the year 1940.

Thanksgiving finally shifted to 4th Thursday of November

The U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt admitted his mistake and shifted the celebration of Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of November regardless of the fact if its the last Thursday or not.

Official Thanksgiving in October

The festival was actually celebrated in the month of October for a long time till it was shifted to the month of November in the year 1868. The festival always usually fell in the mid of the Halloween month before that.

Thanksgiving Date Shifted to November

As stated above, the date for the Thanksgiving Dinner was shifted to November 25 in 1868 which went on to be followed for 5 years straight. This was also called the Legal Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.

Distance from the Sabbath Day

The Thanksgiving Day is believed to be celebrated in the month of November to keep a distance of the celebration fro the Sabbath Day.

why is thanksgiving so late in 2019

Why is Thanksgiving so late in Canada?

The date of Thanksgiving in Canada is not similar to that of U.S.A, in fact not all all countries celebrate it on the same date. Canada celebrates the festival in the month of October officially on the second Monday of the month to express gratitude to God for the harvest season.

Thanksgiving Holiday

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