A quote by Kristan Higgins just certainly cheered up my mood in a jiffy “ When an 85-pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s quite hard to feel sad”. The dogs are actually our life saviors, they keep us away from all the stressful elements in life. Owing to this fact, it actually becomes our duty to give that love back too. We all know that winters are approaching and hence it becomes our duty to take care our pooch friends.

Though we always talk about our pets, it is very crucial to take care of the strays too. Please help them curb chills and shivering by providing them with blankets and warm sheets. If it is possible for you, give them shelter during the night time.

Here are some ways to keep your own pets warm and cozy during winter months.

Buy him Paw Socks

Did you know that maximum cold is absorbed from the feet itself. Hence, to curb that, buy him socks that do not come off easily and are made up of knit fabric. Make sure these are completely comfortable to him, and to protect him from snow, dust, and dirt.

Here is an article about the list of dog socks that do not come off easily.

Keep him hydrated

Dogs tend to break snow and have them when they feel thirsty, Always ensure that your dog has access to fresh water so as to keep him away from the salty and unfresh snowballs.

A new jacket would do

This one is a cliche but definitely works every time. You can make your dear friend wear a pretty as well as warm dog coat. Make sure the fabric is thick enough to keep himself snug as a bug in a rug. Buy from Amazon.

Sunbath is a must

Take your dog out to play in the sunshine so as to get equipped with the much-needed dose of Vitamin D. Guess what ? this exercise will make you feel healthy as well. The Nutrient will help you both curb bone ailments.

Warmish Bed

Dogs often sleep in their owner’s bed to keep themselves away from the chilly floor. If you happen to not like this act of theirs, provide them with a separate cozier bed for winters. Put up a lot of lots of pet toys, his favorite pair of torn socks and a thick blanket. You can also keep a pillow for him to rest on.

Make his outdoor walks shorter

Owing to the low temperature outside, it is best for your dog to be inside more. Never leave home without a pair of socks in his paws in case he insists to walk around more.

“ Properly trained, A human can be a dog’s best friend”.

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