We all love wearing dresses, sultry skirts, and sequins but what about taking care of yourself . Spare yourself girlie ! The key to keep yourself warm and still look stylish is by following a perfect method of layering.

Here are things that can save your body from having a frost bite.


You can wear knee high boots underneath you dress so as to save yourself from freezing. One more way to take care of them is to wear woolen socks underneath them that won’t be able to surpass the leather and will be concealed under your boots only.

Pleated Midi Skirt

For a formal look, you can try out the pleated skirt in subtle colors and designs. Wear them with basics, full sleeves shirt, it will lend you the honor of being a fashionista and will keep you warm at the same time.

Sweater Dress


Imagine the elation of wearing a sexy dress and not feeling much cold at the same time. How awesome is that.? Pair the dress up with covered platforms or flat sole boots. You can also wear a beanie to enhance your look.

Leather Pants

As we all know, leather is proven to keep us all warmish and tepid. What you can do is, wear black leather pants with a nice white color sweater and pair the outfit up with some sexy shades.


These are probably gonna be the most vital part of this season. Scarves come in various colors but I would recommend one in a grayish color which goes with every sorta dress and casual staple.

Inner and Tights

You should always have a nude or black color tight to save yourself from the winter breeze. You can wear that frostbite dress of yours without any tensions if you happen to have tights with you. Besides that, you should always have an inner that you can wear beneath your tops and sweaters believe me it will keep you hot and warm all day long.

Thick socks

Socks are really essential for everybody because feet is the place from where the body loses the most heat. You can prefer wearing ankle length socks with your dress shoes or ballerinas. Socks come in various lengths and colors so you have a lot of options. You can buy a pair of pretty socks from Amazon for $8.05.

Trench Coats


While layering is totally important, you can also try wearing a buttoned shirt underneath your trench coat for a more well-bred look. Pair the outfit with beautiful pumps.

Furthermore tips that should adhere to in Winters!

# Always have a handkerchief with you to avoid mess when drowned in bouts of colds and coughs.
# Style up your sweater dresses with wide belts.
# Since, winters are all about layering up, you can probably accessorize yourself with a pair of earrings.
# Wear faux fur jackets and scarves, they will certainly give prominence to your angelic looks.
# Accentuate your vogue rage by wearing tropical shades.

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