Chilly mornings, breezy noon, and cold evenings, yes, the winters are already here. No wonder winter brings a wave of joy with it. But, along comes the worries of harm that it causes to your skin. Just as we update our wardrobe for the winters, we need to include some essentials in our makeup bags as well to keep our skin soft and glowing in the dry season. Further, we will discuss the beauty essentials that girls must have for winters to fight the parched and dehydrated skin issues.

A good scrub to exfoliate your skin in the harsh winter season

It is necessary to exfoliate your skin in winters, to get rid of that dry, dead skin. To do so, use a gentle walnut or an apricot scrub that washes out the rough, scaly patches smoothly and make your skin look and feel rejuvenated. Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week in winters.

To hydrate skin, use a moisturizer that suits skin type

Moisturizer is like your best buddy in the winters. The cold air of winters has a harsh effect on your skin, so it’s required to keep it moisturized throughout the day. For utmost cold winter days, use rich-crème moisturizer to provide all the essential oils to your skin to keep it healthy and radiant.

A Body Lotion twice or thrice a day as needed

The hot water baths in winters take away all the moisture from your body and leave it dry. To keep your skin hydrated, don’t forget to apply body lotion after the shower. Use a lotion that is creamy and smells good to keep your skin soft and full of fragrance throughout the day.

Non sticky Hand Cream for soft hands

Our hands do the maximum amount of work, and they need attention like any other body part. So, a light and non-sticky hand cream will provide the soothing effect to your chapped hands in winters without making them greasy.

Revitalizing Night Cream that nourishes skin and renews skin cells

Just the day care is not enough during freezing days of winters; your delicate skin needs care at night as well. Our skin regenerates itself at night so, providing the much-needed care when it is safe from the external forces, like harsh wind and dust at night will prove quite effective. Moisturize your skin well before going to bed to keep it healthy and shining.

Most important of all, Lip Balm

We all suffer from the chapped lips during winters. And sometimes the cracked lips start to bleed, and that hurts a lot. Lips are a very significant part of our face, and we need to take good care of them. Always carry a nourishing lip balm along and keep moisturizing your lips from time to time. A variety of plain and colored lip balms are available in different brands.

Get a Hair Mask to nourish hair this winters

The cold weather has a great impact on your hair and leaves them dry and brittle. Apply a hydrating and nourishing hair mask, at least twice a week, to bring back the lost moisture and shine in your hair.

Naturally pedicured feet with Foot Cream

Your feet keep you going all day long. Besides keeping them safe inside your woolen socks and warm boots, you can provide some extra care to them in freezing winter days. Use moisturizing foot cream daily before stepping out of your house to give the soothing and relaxed feel to your cracked heels.

So, this winter, keep all these beauty essentials for a silky, soft skin and keep shining. HAPPY WINTERS!!

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