If you have just started working then it is possible that you must have received an office etiquette list. The workplace etiquettes are quite relevant because there is an aura of an office place that should be maintained no matter what. Don’t be afraid if you have been handed over a two-page copy of workplace etiquette guidelines. Just be disciplined with your work and time and everything will fall through.

Follow the social etiquette and set an example for everyone you meet and greet.

The social etiquette that should be followed in an office atmosphere will also benefit you and your work life and the person sitting around you will also learn good things from you. By being disciplined you will always be proud of yourself and a feeling of positivity will surround you consistently.

Here is a list of manner and etiquettes that you should follow in a work environment.

Do not have meals on your desk

Having meals and snacks on your work desk has two disadvantages of which the first one is that the fumes and your eating noises will distract people who are sitting next to you and then they might blabber about you, the other one is that it will create a mess on your work desk. Hence, it is always better to go and have your food in the break room.

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Thank yous are important

If someone has helped you or done something that he or she deserves gratitude for then you should never ever forget saying thank you to that person. This is the very least you can do. So please do not forget expressing a thank you towards them.

Do not discuss your personal life

If you are going through a breakup or anything that is affecting your peace of mind, do remember that is should not be known to anyone in the office. Your colleagues are not your friends, they will just listen and gossip. They are not the ones who will care for your grievances. The case is different when some of them are your friends. 

When someone offers food

If someone is offering their food to you, do not imagine and assume that they are offering you the meal as it is not an invitation to have the whole meal but a bite. While sharing your food with your friends is another thing, asking colleagues is completely different. Do not try and gulp even if it seems lip smacking.

Don’t just walk into someone’s office

If you really are in a hurry to get your doubts cleared and that too on urgent basis then just knock the door, walk in, ask the thing and head up towards your seat. Do not keep standing there to discuss things and gossips that are irrelevant as it can piss off the person who is engaged in work.

Do not check your phone if someone is talking with you

This is the rudest thing you can do in a work environment or to anyone in general. It will definitely give a very bad impression of your negligence and portray you as a person who has a negative attitude towards people.

Here are some more work manners that you should keep in mind.

  • Always reach your seat in time after the lunch break.
  • Do not sit idle in the office, ask for work if you don’t have.
  • Respect everyone but take no one’s shit.
  • Do not practice personal grooming at your work desk.

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