World Food Day 2019- Celebrated on the October 16th, the World Food Day aims to promote zero hunger and healthy diets all over the word. The United Nations set one’s sight against menaces like malnutrition, obesity, unhealthy diets and deaths because of hunger through this event. It is rightly said that food is our life, we certainly cannot a think of a day without it. The theme for the World Food Day 2019 is ” Healthy Diets for a Zero Hunger World.”. Let us check out the World Food Day 2019: Theme, Activities and History from the sections down below.

World Food Day 2019

It is rightly said that you do not need a silver fork to eat good food. The real silver lies in the nutrition of the ingredients. We live in a world of packaged fast food, a lot of urban families rely on unhealthy food items to save time and efforts. Besides, that a lot of food is wasted everyday. It is an irony that a few of us who have access to food do not realize its importance and the other strata sleep emptys stomach which is why it is very important that we start spreading importance of healthy eating and zero hunger through the means of World Food Day 2019.

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Theme of World Food Day 2019

As stated above, the theme of the World Food Day 2019 is ” Healthy Diets and Zero Hunger World”. It simply means eating healthy nutritious food and access of survival food to all those who sleep empty stomach. Many events and activities are organized in hotels and restaurants for the promotion of the designated themes every year. You can check out the various themes of World Food Day 2019 since it inception from the list down below.

  • 1981: Food comes first
  • 1982: Food comes first
  • 1983: Food security
  • 1984: Women in agriculture
  • 1985: Rural poverty
  • 1986: Fishermen and fishing communities
  • 1987: Small farmers
  • 1988: Rural youth
  • 1989: Food and the environment
  • 1990: Food for the future
  • 1991: Trees for life
  • 1992: Food and nutrition
  • 1993: Harvesting nature’s diversity
  • 1994: Water for life
  • 1995: Food for all
  • 1996: Fighting hunger and malnutrition
  • 1997: Investing in food security
  • 1998: Women feed the world
  • 1999: Youth against hunger
  • 2000: A millennium free from hunger
  • 2001: Fight hunger to reduce poverty
  • 2002: Water: source of food security
  • 2003: Working together for an international alliance against hunger
  • 2004: Biodiversity for food security
  • 2005: Agriculture and intercultural dialogue
  • 2006: Investing in agriculture for food security
  • 2007: The right to food
  • 2008: World food security: the challenges of climate change and bioenergy
  • 2009: Achieving food security in times of crisis
  • 2010: United against hunger
  • 2011: Food prices – from crisis to stability
  • 2012: Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world
  • 2013: Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition
  • 2014: Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”
  • 2015: “Social Protection and Agriculture: Breaking the Cycle of Rural Poverty”
  • 2016: Climate change: “Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too”
  • 2017: Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.
  • 2018: Our actions are our future
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World Food Day Activities

Well, is it rightly said one cannot think well, read well or love well if one has not dined well. We usually eat 3 times a day but just think of those who are not even unable to eat properly once a day. Although, a lot of restaurant and food joints celebrate this day by offering discounts and rewards, we can move the other way and celebrate the day by feeding food to those who really are in need. Check out the various ways in which you can celebrate the World Food Day 2019.

#1 Organize a free food drive

A lot of food is wasted during marriages and special events. You can talk with the caterers and organizers to collect the leftover stuff ( unused ) from the venue and distribute to the people who are yearning to have a bite.

#2 Spread the information about healthy eating

Not only in the underprivileged areas, you need to spread the significance of healthy eating specially in the urban areas. Tell people how these quick made food items are full of preservatives and harmful for our bodies.

# Take unprivileged kids for a food meal

You can celebrate the World Food Day by taking the unprivileged kids for a meal in their dream restaurant. They will be more than happy to be a part of this initiative.

#Feed the Strays

You can also celebrate the World Food Day 2019 by feeding the strays of your locality because after all these innocent souls need food too.

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World Food Day 2019 History

The origins of the World Food Day 2019 dates back to the year 1979 when the member countries of the FAO’s met at the 20th Conference of the United Nations. Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Pál Romány gave the idea of celebrating the World Food Day 2019.

It is dedicated to the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in the year October 16, 1945. The United Nations collaborate with of World Food Programme and International Fund for Agricultural Development for implementing policies, initiatives and for the overall development of food related issues.

World Food Day 2020

The World Food Day 2020 will be celebrated on the October 16th, 2020 which is a Friday. The theme for the World Food Day 2020 has although not been decided yet. It aims to spread awareness regarding the eradication of poverty and hunger as well as the eradication of sedentary unhealthy food habits.

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