World Mental Health Day 2019 – Reports say that one in five adults in the world suffer from anxiety or depression issues and most of them do not seek medical treatment or medical assistance for the same which is why the World Health Organization celebrates the World Mental Health Day 2019 on October 10th every year to raise awareness regarding mental health awareness. The theme for the World Mental Health Day 2019 theme is ‘ Focus on suicide prevention”. Let us pledge and join our hands towards people who are suffering through this menace all alone. Check out World Mental Health Day 2019 : Theme, Quotes and How to Celebrate

World Mental Health Day 2019

It is unfortunate that mental health has become so common in young adults and even toddlers. A lot of people who carry sadness and sorrows inside them and that too without anyone knowing about them. They do not seek help and support from anyone to avoid the apparent feeling of embarrassment. These social stigmas have affected people since time memorial and we need to change the name now. Scroll below to know more about the World Mental Health Day 2019.

world mental health day 2019

World Mental Health Day Theme

The theme of the World Mental Health Day 2019 is totally dedicated to suicide prevention this year. The World Health Organization reports that about 800000 people die of suicide every year, many of these make suicide attempts that sometimes cause lifetime injuries as well. We know how difficult it is to cope with your depressions and fears but then suicide is not at all an answer to them.

The irony of the fact is ” Suicides affect the family and friends of the victim the most, hence it is not only you who is suffering. So, if you want to see your people happy just give yourself and your life a chance to fight with the fears.

World Mental Health Day 2019 Quotes

Counselling and Cognitive Therapy play a very important role in Mental Health Awareness and some health practitioners use quotes and phrases to inspire people in times like these. You can also use these amazing quotes at an individual level. You can easily send these inspiring Mental Health Quotes and Images to people you know are going through it.

” Invest in your mental health.”

” Breathe, it is just a bad day and not a bad life.”

” Mental Health is nothing to be ashamed of.”

” I have myself care when my body wanted destruction and that is how the healing began.”

” You are not always fine and that is okay.”

” Kindness and Empathy make a person a hero.”

” Mental Health is not a personal failure.”

” You do not have to perfect all the time, we are complex creatures.”

” Live to fight the other day.”

” Your anxiety is lying to you and this world is better with you in it.”

world mental health day 2019

How to Celebrate World Mental Health Day

The celebration of World Mental Health need not be a very big affair. If you are wishing to observe the day then you can simply talk about it and have a conversation with the sufferer. To know about more ideas, check out some other ways to celebrate the World Mental Health Day 2019 from down below.

# Spread awareness about how mental health is not a stigma

You can start by spreading awareness about the fact that your mental health is not anyone else’s business and nobody should be allowed to attach any of their opinions when it comes to it. You can start by organizing small skits to sensitize the public.

# Talk to the Victim

Well, all that these silent sufferers really need is someone to talk with and share out their sorrows with. You can easily help them by having a conversation with them. Tell them that there is support and acceptance for whatever they are concerned about.

# Provide access to medical help

Not only in rural areas but people from urban settlements also refuse to ask for medical help. You can help them by organizing small campaigns regarding the same. You can team up with a psychiatrist or psychologist if possible.

world mental health awareness day 2019

World Mental Health 2020

The World Mental Health 2020 is celebrated on the October 10th every year. The theme for the World Mental Health Day 2020 has not been designated yet. The World Health Organization teams up with different organizations to celebrate the day and create awareness about the stigma attached to mental health awareness.

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