World Tourism Day 2019 – The Travel and Tourism Industry is said to be a huge part of economy. According to a report by the United Nations, the tourism industry will grow by 3% annually until the year 2030. Thus, it is very important that the new technologies and innovations provide the tourism sector a sustainable development. Hence, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation celebrates the World Tourism Day 2019 on September 27th to raise awareness about the same globally. The host country for the World Tourism Day 2019 is India. The U.N has designated ” Tourism and Jobs : A better future for all.” as the theme of the World Tourism Day 2019.

World Tourism Day 2019

The origins of the World Tourism Day 2019 dates back to the year 1979 where in the United Nations General Assembly decided to organize the day to raise awareness regarding the role of tourism and its effects on social, cultural and economic values. Every year U.N.W.T.O chooses different themes to raise awareness about different aspects of tourism. Check out the World Tourism Day 2019 : Theme, Celebration and Host Country.

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World Tourism Day 2019 Theme

The theme of the World Tourism Day 2019 is Tourism and Jobs : A better future for all”, which simply means that the wonderful Tourism Industry has the capacity to create millions for jobs for all. In-fact, according to some reports the Tourism Sector creates 10% of the world’s jobs. Hence, the 2019 World Tourism Day will work in accordance with the same to highlight the tourism sector’s contribution and global challenges that the sector faces.

Every year the UNWTO designates different themes to address different topics. Below given is the list of the former themes that have been a part of the World Tourism Day since its origins.

  • 1981 : Tourism and the quality of life
  • 1982 : Pride in travel: good guests and good hosts
  • 1983 : Travel and holidays are a right but also a responsibility for all.
  • 1984 :Tourism for international understanding, peace and cooperation
  • 1985 :Youth Tourism: cultural and historical heritage for peace and friendship
  • 1986 : Tourism: a vital force for world peace
  • 1987 :Tourism for development
  • 1988 :Tourism: education for all
  • 1989 :The free movement of tourists creates one world
  • 1990 : Tourism: an unrecognized industry, a service to be released
  • 1991 :Communication, information and education: power lines of tourism development
  • 1992 :Tourism: a factor of growing social and economic solidarity and of encounter between people
  • 1993 :Tourism development and environmental protection: towards a lasting harmony
  • 1994 :Quality staff, quality tourism
  • 1995 : WTO: serving world tourism for twenty years
  • 1996 :Tourism: a factor of tolerance and peace
  • 1997 :Tourism: a leading activity of the twenty-first century for job creation and environmental protection
  • 1998 : Public-private sector partnership: the key to tourism development and promotion”.
  • 1999 :Tourism: preserving world heritage for the new millennium
  • 2000 :Technology and nature: two challenges for tourism at the dawn of the twenty-first century
  • 2001 :Tourism: a toll for peace and dialogue among civilizations
  • 2002 :Ecotourism, the key to sustainable development
  • 2003 :Tourism: a driving force for poverty alleviation, job creation and social harmony
  • 2004 :Sport and tourism: two living forces for mutual understanding, culture and the development of societies”.
  • 2005 : Travel and transport: from imaginary of Jules Verne to the reality of the 21st century
  • 2006 :Tourism Enriches.
  • 2007 : Tourism opens doors for women
  • 2008 :Tourism Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change and global warming
  • 2009 :Tourism – Celebrating Diversity
  • 2010 :Tourism & Biodiversity
  • 2011 :Tourism Linking Cultures
  • 2012 :Tourism and Energetic Sustainability
  • 2013 :Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future
  • 2014 :Tourism and Community Development
  • 2015 :Millions of tourists, millions of opportunities
  • 2016 :Tourism for All – promoting universal accessibility
  • 2017 :Sustainable Tourism – a tool for development
  • 2018 :Tourism and Cultural Protection
world tourism day 2019

World Tourism Day 2019 Host Country

The Host Country for World Tourism Day 2019 is India. The country will host the official celebration in lieu of creating awareness about the designated theme which is Tourism and Jobs in its respective capital Delhi.You can also be a part of the celebrations by registering yourself for the event before September 20th, 2019 on the official website of U.N.W.TO.

World Tourism Day 2019 Celebration

The celebration of the World Tourism Day 2019 will revolve around the topic about creating awareness about promoting jobs at a faster rate. However, there are many other criteria concerned with the framework of the World Tourism Day 2019. If you are planning to celebrate the World Tourism Day, you can check out all the ways to celebrate the day from below.

# Hold a small event about the theme in your locality

You can organize small event to create awareness about how tourism effects the job sector and increases employment. It can be anything from a concert to conferences and academic presentations. These events need not be on a very large platform, what is important is the message that you are imparting.

# Launch a competition

You can organize a drawing, poem, writing or any competition for both the adults and teenagers. The theme or topic of which should be Tourism and Jobs : A better future for all”. This will not only entertain them but also teach them about the significance of the how tourism sector is involved with job prospects.

# Spread the word

You can also spread the word about the sustainable development of Tourism by writing blogs, creating banners or teaching about the same. Tourism affects a country in all aspects so you should tell the public about the ways in which they can help. For eg. people can lend help to the tourist when they visit their country etc.

# Celebrate by travelling

You can celebrate the World Tourism Day 2019 by travelling to your favorite destination in any part of the world. Greet people, Imbibe their culture, spread word about your culture because that is how the entire tourism industry works.

World Tourism Day 2020

The World Tourism Day 2020 will be celebrated on the September 27th, 2020 which is a Sunday. The theme for the 2020 occasion has not been designated yet. People celebrate the World Tourism Day by travelling or attending certain informative events that talk about tourism and its aspects.

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