Since everyone is glued to their phones, almost all the private information is stored there. With the android phone spyware apps gaining popularity, there is no minding your own business today. These spy apps can be used by the employers to avoid employee fraud; by the parents to keep a tab on their kids; and by the spouses to monitor the activities of their partner.

A plenty of spyware apps are available in the market with great tracking features. To help you choose an app based on your needs, I will be comparing the two best apps, mSpy with XNSPY so that you can make an informed decision about selecting the right one.

To simplify your decision, a detailed review of the features, reliability, pricing, and customer feedback of these apps will be provided so that it is easier for you to choice.


mSpy is one of the android phone spyware apps that can be used in the stealth mode and offers various features including call and text monitoring, tracking GPS location, monitoring mail and chat correspondence, browsing multimedia files, etc. Among so many features, there is restriction of certain incoming calls. This allows the user to block some callers from contacting the target. Here’s a problem with this. The target might know that he is being monitored so the whole idea of tracking will be ruined.

XNSPY is another monitoring tool which offers almost all the same features as mSpy. But wait, there’s an additional feature in XNSPY that is attracting the customers. The app has recently been said to record calls and surroundings of the target. This enables the user to listen to all the audio conversations of the target with his contacts. Not only this, you can also hear the in-room conversations taking place near your target to get a better idea of what type of environment he’s in. You can also remotely command the target phone from the control panel to take Live-screenshots of the phone. This feature is also absent in mSpy.


Both these android phone spyware apps require one-time physical access of the target phone and are then used to monitor remotely. mSpy is not a tricky app, but it requires certain processes and steps to access a feature. It might say that it requires 10minutes for installation but the time might prolong to half an hour. For some, the app is a savior as it works impressively in some phones without causing any problem. However, there are often complaints that mSpy does not provide updated information quickly. This may create confusion for the user.

When reviewing this app, on the first look, it might not seem user-friendly but the app gives updates about the activities of the target in real-time. Unlike mSpy, it can be used to monitor the target even when he is not connected with the internet. Thus there is no concern monitoring a person online or offline. Moreover, the app takes hardly 5minutes for installation and not longer.


Both the mSpy and XNSPY are paid apps. Each has a different subscription policy. It is often suggested that the users must buy a year subscription of the app since it is less expensive. For better comparisons, below is the pricing table for premium edition of the app which offers all the exclusive features.

Subscription fee mSpy XNSPY
One month $69.99/month $59.99/month
Three months $39.99/month $33.33/month
Twelve months $16.65/month $12.49/month

If you do not find the app suitable, there is a refund policy available at XNSPY. However, no such thing is offered by mSpy.

Customer support

Even though there is much information available at the official website of both the apps, for customer queries and help, both the apps offer customer support. XNSPY is known for its quick service. Its Support Cell offers any type of assistance to the customer 24/7. Customer agents are very responsive in handling live calls and emails.

mSpy offers FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on its website to subside all customer queries. Though it has a helpline number too, it is often less responsive when fulfilling customer satisfaction. It may often take days before your issue is finally resolved. However, the app is improving in this regard.

What is your choice?

Based on four categories, all the above information provided to the readers was to enhance their knowledge about mSpy and XNSPY and point out things which differentiated both the apps. If you have carefully read the things above, you can easily choose between the two apps so that you aren’t let down.

So what is your choice? Let us know through reviews and comments.

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