Have you and your family had it up to here with winter? Does the very sight of a snowflake make you want to scream, and every chilly draft feels like it’s a painful slap? If so, you and your family are suffering from a severe case of the winter blues, and there’s only one cure that’s guaranteed to put a smile back on everyone’s frozen faces- a posh holiday in the tropical islands! And not just any islands, we are going to direct your attention to one of the world’s most alluring getaways from winter destinations: The Maldives!

The name Maldives comes from the ancient Sanskrit word mālādvīpa, meaning a “garland of islands”, and indeed this vast group of island atolls stretches across the equator in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean like a daisy chain of fragrant exotic blossoms. Book your perfect winter escape at the Dhigu Maldives Resort! This remote paradise features luxurious ocean-side villas that are perfect for the entire family, it will be your home away from home where you can all enjoy the best the tropics have to offer, on land and sea!

If you are concerned about being able to entertain your brood throughout your island sojourn, fear not, for there is a plethora of entertainment for young and old alike on offer here. 

Why not start with some surfing lessons, then go catch a wave? There’s great surfing to be had here for the whole family to experience, from little waves to big, we have it all. Surfs up!

Take the kids snorkelling and spend a day exploring the wonders of the underwater world. The Maldives is home to hundreds of species of coral reef fish and other fascinating marine animals including sea turtles and dolphins! It’s so much fun you might never want to leave the water!

Well, even the most avid snorkellers are going to get hungry sometime, and this resort delivers. Some of the world’s best seafood is on offer here, prepared to perfection in the sumptuous style of the Maldives’ unique cuisine. And, rest assured, every restaurant has a kid’s menu on hand for those picky eaters, French fries anyone? 

Now that you have experienced the life aquatic, hit the beach for fun and frolic on the sand! Play a rousing volleyball match, construct the sandcastle of your dreams, or just soak in the rays, there is something to please all here on our beautiful beaches. End the day with a spectacular sunset and a dip in the infinity pool to cool off after all that sun-drenched action!

After a long day of adventure, it’s nice to curl up in a comfy lounge chair and read a good book beside the sea whilst the kids entertain themselves with the various games, movies, and yes, even books on hand! So, get away from those winter blues and come to the Maldives where it never snows, and fun in the sun is guaranteed all day long!

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