What does implied volatility mean in stocks?

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Implied volatility measures the expected volatility of the underlying stock over the option’s life. It is derived from the price of the option and can be used to gauge market expectations for the stock.  Implied volatility is not a measure of actual past or future volatility but rather a forward-looking estimate of how volatile the … Read more

How to Choose Cryptocurrency for Short and Long-Term Investment

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Long-term or short-term investments in crypto are among the most pressing concerns for crypto investors. The phrase “long-term crypto investment” refers to a strategy in which you anticipate the cryptocurrency’s value to rise over time. This investment is often kept for a period ranging from six months to a year. You can have it for … Read more

Does Bitcoin SV Have a Future?

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Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin to provide humanity with a new form of digital money that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. And while the popularity of Bitcoin stands witness to its success, the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency has veered away from the initial idea of its creator.  Today, users consider Bitcoin more as … Read more

A Complete Guide on Using a Bitcoin ATM

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Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, hit an all-time high of $68,000, spelling good news for BTC investors. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been all the rage for the past half-decade and is gaining popularity across the world. Getting into bitcoin for … Read more

BUDGET 2022-2023: Highlights / Key Points

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Annual Financial Statement (AFS) The Annual Financial Statement (AFS), the document as provided under Article 112, shows the estimated receipts and expenditure of the Government of India for 2022-23 along with estimates for 2021-22 as also actuals for the year 2020-21. The receipts and disbursements are shown under three parts in which Government Accounts are … Read more