So, as humans, we go through a lot of things and obstacles that hamper our peace of mind a lot. But what is frustration? Imagine, you have a done a lot of hard work in your office project and somebody else takes your credits. Well, that’s where the frustration comes over. You feel bad about the fact that despite doing so much hard work, you end up all empty-handed.

You will start behaving odd and cursing yourself and your loved ones for what happened to you. You will lose interest in that very work and will feel guilty about the fact that you weren’t able to accomplish that very goal. We need to desperately understand that no matter how hard and the bad times are, the good ones are not very far.

Well, do you feel utterly tired and sad after a long and tiring day at work or somewhere you don’t want to go by your own choice? We have an answer to this! Dale Carnegie has rightly said that “ This fatigue is not caused often by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment”. The major reason for every problem in our life is frustrating over it but to overcome the problem, we need to first realize what are the symptoms of it.

Crying Spells

If you are frustrated from the inside out and you are someone who will keep your problems to yourself then you will often find yourself crying out for no apparent reason. This is just like the mood swings you go through when you are PMSing but that does go away this does not on its own.

Very Less or No Sleep

This is one of the most common symptoms anyone who is stressed will go through. You will find yourself thinking about all sorts of negative possibilities that you are going to go through apparently and that stress is not going to let you sleep peacefully.

Not feeling Worthy

When you are going through frustration about work or a not very healthy relationship, it is bound to make you feel all worthless about yourself. You will probably judge yourself and your capabilities and will make you believe that you can’t do anything.


If someone is going through frustration, he or she will avoid socializing and meeting people. They will prefer to stay alone and resort to overthinking and obsessing about what went wrong and will be angry about the fact that why did the very happen with them.

Anger Issues

People who are frustrated are definitely going to deal with some anger issues. They will shout at people for no reason and if anything does go wrong for some reason then they will take out all their emotional build up on the responsible person or entity.

Blaming others

A frustrated person will try to run away from their problems and will start blaming others for the wrong done. The consequence of such behavior is the fact that everyone will start avoiding that person and thus he will be frustrated even more. It is a vicious cycle you see.

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