4th of July Movies 2019 – So, not being able to attend the 4th of July Parade? Do not worry! Feel patriotic by watching 4th of July Movies at the ease of your home. Hence, hurry with some popcorn and Pepsi and get on the groove with the the list of the Top 15 4th of July Movies. These Good 4th of July Movies are an awesome way to celebrate as they will surely ignite your love for the nation in a jiffy.

4th of July Movies 2019

So! Fellas! Movies are an integral part of everyone’s life. They act as catalyst between the story teller and the audience and this purpose is best filled by Historic Movies. They are really good in imparting information to the audience. Scroll below to know about the amazing 4th of July Movies from here.

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Captain America | The First Avenger

Starring : Chris Evans , Tommy Lee Jones and many others

The plot revolves around Steve Roger played by Chris Evans and his ambitions to be a part of the military forces. But he is rejected because of his small stature. He is disheartened, but his life changes when he is selected to be a part of an experiment which transforms him into a super soldier called the Captain America. He eventually joins the forces and leads the battle against the NAZI association trying to destroy America.

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The Patriot

Starring : Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger and many others

The Patriot was released in the year 2000. It is believed that the story is based on a real British officer and revolves around the Revolutionary war. It is a story about a widowed farmer who decides to leave behind about his violent past but he has to create a regiment when his oldest child gets kidnapped by the British Army.


Starring : Roy Richard, Robert Shaw and many others

The movie Jaws was inspired by a book and released in the year 1975. It was a horror movie that revolved around a White Shark which created ruckus in the quite Island of Amity. The movie stimulates the inner hero in an individual.

Independence Day

Starring : Will Smith, Bill Pulman and many others

The Independence Day was released in the year 1996 and is a great movie to watch with your family. The story revolves around a group of people including a Computer Nerd, US President and a pilot who try to save the world from an alien attack.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Starring : James Cagney, Joan Leslie and many others

The American Movie Yankee Doodle Dandy was released in the year 1942 and was a smashing hit because of its relation with the Independence Day inspired song title. The story revolved around a music composer and director who starred in his own songs.

Coming to America

Starring : Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and many others

The movie ‘” Coming to America” is not a patriotic movie although but it definitely gives you a comedy rush. It revolves around a man who is forced to marry a woman whom he has never met and seen, he decides to escape and goes to America to find the love of his life.

Young Mr. Lincoln

Starring : Henry Fonda, Alice Brady and many others

The story of the movie has been inspired by the real life journey of the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. It takes us to the times when the great Lincoln was a child. The story also recites how he rose to power.


Starring : Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington and many others

The Glory movie was released in the year 1989 , the story of which is inspired from the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. It aimed to describe the real life incidents that people of the regiment had to go through during the Civil War.

The Big Red One

Starring : Lee Marvin, Mark Hamill and many others

The Big Red One was released in the year 1980 and got famous among the masses as an epic war film. The story of the movie revolved around 4 members of a U.S infantry who try to fight the enemies during the Civil War.

Saving Private Ryan

Starring : Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon and many others

The movie Saving Private Ryan was released in the year 1998 and had a running time of 169 minutes. The movies revolves around the times of World War 2 and is proved to be the best till date in the matter. In the story, Captain is given a task to find out Private Ryan who has been abducted by the enemies.

Top Gun

Starring : Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis

The movie Top Gun was released in the year 1986 and the story is based on a real life personality known as Christine Fox. The story revolves around Maverick ( played by Tom Cruise) who is sent to the Naval Fighter Weaponry School. There he also falls in love with his instructor Charlie.

Born on the 4th of July

Starring : Tom Cruise, Kyra Sedgwick and many others

The movie was released in the year 1989 and is an epic movie that revolves around a war drama with Tom Cruise in the lead playing the main character Ron who is war veteran. He goes through many ups and downs during his duty after he accidentally kills a fellow soldier and gets paralyzed in a battle.

American Graffiti

Starring : Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard and many others

The movie was released in the year 1973 and will surely take you back in the 60’s era. It revolves around a group of 4 young high school graduates who are entering the college life. It is story of love, friendships etc.

Zero Dark Thirty

Starring : Jessica Chastain, Jason Clarke and many others

Zero Dark Thirty was released in the year 2012 and revolves around the real life incidents of a CIA agent Maya who tracks down the terrorist Osama Bin Laden and provides a great help the U.S.A army.

Air Force One

Starring : Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and many others

The movie Air Force One was released in the year 1997 and received many accolades for its thrilling content. It revolves around the story of a President who is held hostage in the hijacked plane. It is a great political themed story.


Starring : Christian Bale, Amy Adams and many others

The movie was released in the year 2018 and is a an American Biographical movie. The story revolves around the development of the country and the political characters which have been significant in the whole process.


Starring : Daniel Day, Sally Field and many others

The movie Lincoln movie was released in the year 2013 and revolves around the life story of the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to abolish slavery and to prevent more bloodshed in the Civil War.


Starring : William Daniels, Ken Howard and many others

The movie is a complete 4th of July movie which the entire family can watch and get entertained from. The story revolves around the events during the Revolutionary and Declaration of Independence.

Hidden Figures

Starring : Taraji P Henson, Mary Jackson and many others

The movie was released in the year 1996 and is a perfect women centric movie. It revolves three women who are scientists at NASA and their efforts that lead to the success of early US space development.

Apollo 13

Starring : Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon

The Apollo 13 is a movie cum documentary that is based on a real life incident. The story revolves around three astronauts who plan to land on the moon but amidst their journey, the oxygen tank of their ship explodes and puts their survival in danger.

April Morning

Starring : Chad Lowe, Tommy Lee and many others

The movie released in the year 1988 and revolves around the incidents that signaled the start of the American Revolutionary War. It shows the battle between the American and British Troops.

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