10 Reasons why every girl should be as perfect as Katrina Kaif

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6 Most Underrated Actors And Actresses In Bollywood

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6 Life Lessons FRIENDS Taught Us

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Bollywood’s Women Who Rock At Being Unconventional

Since ages, there has been a common notion about Bollywood actresses. She should be the one who dances around a tree, romancing with the male actor, and look undoubtedly beautiful and glamorous. But from the past few years, we have seen some very talented actresses, who have gone on to define being a Bollywood Town woman … Read more

Movies You Should Watch To Be More Successful

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8 Bollywood Actors With The Sexiest Beards

The month of November is famous as No-shave November and men followed it religiously. It is not just growing as a fashion trend among people but also spreading awareness of loving our hair, which many cancer patients lose during the treatment. Many actors keep the beard, sometimes because of the demand of a character in … Read more

Top 10 Cinematographic Masterpieces

Cinematography is one of the most important aspect of film making. Capturing the beauty of the shooting locations or  to make the sets look classy, a cinematography is a key member in the film making department. So, this is a list of the ten greatest cinematographic masterpieces from Hollywood. NOTE: These 10 films are based … Read more