When everything else fails, when all my plans backfire, there is family. He has been there with me since the very beginning. He never left my side. I was always his Top priority. My wishes were his obligations. My happiness his aim. He did all sorts of things, just because I needed help. He made the biggest of compromises and sacrifices, so that I lead a contended life. Ask for anything at the last moment, and he’ll get it done, some way or the other. He is my biggest support, my source of strength. He is the one who guides me through the dark tunnels of life, holding my hand and leading me safely to the brighter side. He is the Best Man in my Life. He is my Dad.

Teenage years often create a gap between parents and children. In my case, it was the exact opposite. Our bond became stronger. The main cause was his attitude towards things. He was always more of a friend. I know I can discuss anything and everything with him, without hesitation. For he will never judge me. His advices are the ones that I stick to. He has a great influence on all my decisions. He never forces his opinions on me. Rather he moulds and presents them in such a way that tempts me to accept them.

No matter what decisions I take in life, no matter where they lead me, he will be there, keeping away all the problems. I made mistakes that caused him trouble, but he never complained. I know I will never be able to repay him for all that he has done to me. But I give it a try. I try and fulfill his little expectations. My Dad is my best friend. The most selfless, and genuine friends that one can ever find. Yes! I am daddy’s girl.

‘I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.’

Father. The very word reflects he warmth and love which envelopes the entire family. The days he becomes a father, the sole purpose of his life shifts to the happiness, security and contentment of his family. He works for hours at a stretch, so that his family can live in peace and comfort. I know these are all stereotypical lines, but they do hold a significant meaning. Daughters are genrally inclined towards their Dad. The bond they share is that of understanding and security. Your father loves you, regardless of the way you behave or the way you look. You may be dark or fat or ugly or you may have crooked nose, you are still his little princess.

No other male can fill the place that a father holds in a daughters life. When they’re young, girls idealize their fathers, hoping to find a man like him someday. Because she has seen this man go through all the ups and downs in life, facing difficulties, compromising with his dreams, just for the people he loves. He may be strict or harsh at times, but beneath this hard shell, liesa soft heart who cares for you. He wants you to make it in on your own in life. But, at the same time he wants to save you from the big bad world while you’re young. He wants you to have an indentity of your own, an identity bigger than his own. For your contentment is all that matters to him. When you’re laughing, he is happy. When you’re sad, he cries from the inside. Not many know that this strong man has a big weakness. Something that makes him vulnerable. And that is You!

Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter.

In love to wives there is desire; to sons, ambition; but to daughters there is something which there are no words to express.

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