Why does breakup hit guys later

A couple of years back, my dear friend had a very bad breakup. She invested four years into this relationship and was devastated after knowing that her better half did not care much. Actually, nobody had cheated in the relationship, the breakup was a result of too much of fights and doubts in between them. … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend: Thoughtful and Romantic Presents

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend – The Teddy Bears and Roses have become really old school now, they are not considered as very unique gifts for girlfriend during Christmas. Hence, you need to brainstorm a lot regarding small, thoughtful and romantic gifts for girlfriend. Well, simply ditch the drill and check out this amazing list … Read more

Christmas Traditions in Germany, France, Spain and America

Christmas Traditions Around the World- Traditions and Rituals are always a part of the December 25th ie Christmas festivities. Be it modern Christmas traditions or the funny family Christmas traditions. The celebration is totally incomplete without them. If you remember some meaningful and memorable Christmas traditions from your nation and want to incorporate other ones … Read more