Arjun Kapoor: Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Raring to go!

Charming and talented, heartthrob Arjun Kapoor celebrated his 31st birthday on 26 June 2016! The actor made his entry into Bollywood with movie ‘Ishaqzaade’ which was a huge hit on box office. Arjun Kapoor took the industry by storm with his mind-blowing action sequences and his amazing dialogue delivery and became an instant hit with … Read more

How should you remove ear wax?

Most people who use Q-Tips actually put them inside their ear canal. Don’t Do That! This pushes the earwax further into your ear and against the eardrum. Anything pushed against the eardrum means it won’t vibrate effectively. Which can cause hearing Damage. Ear Wax is Good For You and Isn’t Dirty It’s a safety device that keeps … Read more

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Distance Learning

The more information technology develops, the easier various processes and systems become. Education is no exception. Recently, distance education has become more and more popular. The Coronavirus pandemic in 2019 has given a boost to the development of this field even more. Together with the experts from paper writing service, we have discussed and … Read more

6 things you never knew about Alia Bhatt

You follow her on Instagram, you catch every movie she’s in, but how well do you really know Alia Bhatt? From her favourite travel buddy to her speed dial list, Vogue got the star to dish all her secrets, and you’ve got to know them here.

#1 Her Ultimate travel Companion?
— Her Time-Worn Pillow

#2 On her speed dial?
— Her Mum

#3 Her 23rd Birthday Gift to Herself
— Her New Home

#4 A Fancy Dinner Alone?
— Nah, She’d rather dine with the crew.

#5 Does she google herself?
— She’d rather “Gram” it

#6 Best Know for?
–Being her own person.

Sexiest Man and Women In The World

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10 Indian Actors You Did Not Know Have Starred in Hollywood Movies

For talent, the sky is the limit. This has been proved by many Indian actors and actresses in last few years. Now many Indian actors/actresses are working internationally in Hollywood movies. The number of actors and actress who are taking up Hollywood projects are increasing with time. The latest addition to this is Deepika Padukone … Read more