FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, governs football association, futsal, and beach soccer. It administrate  all major international tournaments of football. It is known for the organising biggest football international tournament in the world that is World Cup match of football. FIFA consider football as more than a game. It believes in giving equal chance to all without any discrimination to participate in it.

There are six confederations and 209 men’s national football teams under FIFA . Though there are other teams as well but are not member of FIFA. Only the FIFA members can participate in FIFA World Cup. FIFA introduce team ranking system in the year 1992 and at that time, Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany,  Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands were top eight teams. Brazil is the team which has ranked number one for the longest period of time.

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The strength of the team is recognised by comparing the performance of teams in international matches over the period of four previous years. FIFA publishes  FIFA World Ranking every month. The calculation of team ranking is very simple. It is based on the performance of teams in World football matches. Any team which wins the match gets points  for same which helps the team to get ranking in the rank chart. Previously, teams were ranked on the basis of last eight-year performance but now it is based on the performance of last four years.

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For calculating rank, the average of the points teams obtained in last 12 months is taken  and which  is added with an average of the points teams obtained in older than 12 months in depreciating order. The weightage given to these four years are 100% for last 12 months and then 50% , 30% and 20% for consecutive last three years. In this way, points of the match are calculated(M). The other things which are taken into consideration are importance of match (I), the strength of competing team (T) and strength of confederation (C).

So the formula used to calculate the points is: P = M X I X T X C

On the basis of this calculation, the top ten men’s International teams of April 2016 are as follow:

1 Argentina 1532
2 Belgium 1352
3 Chile 1348
4 Colombia 1337
5 Germany 1309
6 Spain 1277
7 Brazil 1251
8 Portugal 1184
9 Uruguay 1158
10 England 1069

In the April month, Argentina stood first by defeating Belgium which was first in March 2016 ranking. Now FIFA will publish the latest ranking list on 5th May 2016. Let’s see if Argentina maintains its first rank or not this month.

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