International Day of Peace 2019 – The great Dalai Lama once rightly said that, ” World Peace comes from Inner Peace”. Yes! you can only spread tranquility throughout the world, if your own mindset is at a calmer state. Thus, to promote peace and harmony throughout the world, the United Nations celebrates the International Day of Peace 2019 on September 21, 2019 annually. The Theme for the International Day of Peace 2019 is ” Climate Action for Peace”. This year ie 2019 also marks the 20th anniversary of the U.N. resolution regarding the culture of peace. Check International Day of Peace 2019 Theme, Speech, Activities and Quotes from down below.

International Day of Peace 2019

We all have learnt and read about the World Wars, Battles and various other conflicts in the history and come to the conclusion that they have not and do no good to anyone ever. The only consequence that we face after these activities is loss of life and economy. Thus the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted September 21st as the International Day of Peace in the year 1981 to ensure non-violence and complete termination of cease fire.

international day of peace 2019

Theme of International Day of Peace 2019

The ” Climate Action for Peace” is simply dedicated to the weather and ethos conditions that our Mother Earth is undergoing since decades now. It is believed that sometimes natural disasters create a drastic condition where in the countries or inland citizens resort to fight battles for gaining natural resources. Thus, the climate and weather indirectly is one of the reasons for tensions over natural resources.

Thus, the UN has decided to combat the Climate Change for sustaining peace everywhere around in the world. Besides that, there have been many other important themes for International Day of Peace since its inception, you can check out and about the stated from down below.

Year Theme
2007peace is united nations highest calling
2008human rights and peace keeping
2009disarmament and non-proliferation
2010youth for peace and developement
2011peace and democracy : make your voice heard
2012sustainable peace for sustainable future
2013education for peace
2014The right of peoples to peace
2015Partnerships For Peace : Dignity for all
2016The Sustainable Development for all : Building Blocks for Peace
2017Together for Peace : Respect, Safety, Dignity for all
2018The Right to Peace : Human Declaration Right at 70

International Day of Peace 2019 Speech

Studying in school or college? Researching about examples regarding the speech on International Day of Peace 2019, then you can simply check out the the write up from down below.

Good Morning everyone, peace is defined as a state where in citizens live in harmony with each other and with those who are not of their own culture. Well, this seems like very hard thing to achieve but it is not impossible at all. The International Day of Peace 2019 also known as World Peace Day stands as a medium to create awareness about the stated topic. Today, I will be talking about the International Day of Peace and how is Climate Change related to it.

Well, first of all, the history of the International Day of Peace 2019 dates back to the year 1981 when the United Nations General Assembly declared the September 21 as the World Peace Day with an aim to ensure sustainable and economic development for all. The day is started by ringing the Peace bell situated in the U.N Headquarters in the New York City, U.S.A. The bell consists of coins donated by children from almost all continents which works as reminder for the ” cost of war”. The United Nations also declared this as a period of Non-Violence and Cease-Fire in the year 2001.

Well, we all know what wars and battles cost us a lot than we can imagine. A very significant cause of such events is Climate Change. Millions of people are affected by natural disasters and sometimes they have to leave their homes and also face scarcity of the natural resources which results in conflicts about the same. Thus, it is very important that we fight against the climate change and ensure harmony of the citizens.

We as individuals can also work for the Climate Change by doing small little things for our mother Earth. Even switching off the lights when not in use, saving water and avoiding usage of plastic can help control the matter. Peace can only be achieved when we change our mindsets. Thank you so much everyone.

international day of peace 2019

International Day of Peace 2019 Activities

The activities are simply defined as actions that one can take to help in combating climate change and restoring peace thus. UN Secretary-General António Guterres gave four measures that government can undertake to fight the climate change. They are listed as follows.

  • Reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050.
  • Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels
  • Stop Making New Coal Plants by 2020.
  • Focus on Green Economy not Grey Economy.
  • Tax Pollution, Not People.

Besides the Government, you can also take some inspiration from the above stated points and works towards achieving the stipulated goal. Here are some some activities that one can undertake on the occasion of International Day of Peace 2019.

# Create Awareness about the World Peace Day

A lot of people are not aware about the world peace day and thus you can take the first step in creating awareness about the same. Arrange a small event in your locality and teach people about how climate change affects peace.

# Organize a skit explaining consequences of war

Wars cause destruction and consequences that are hard to revert back hence you can organize a small skit explaining about the repercussions of the same. Make a script well in advance and join hands with friends to make the event successful.

# Adopt Save the Environment Measures

You can adopt sustainable environment measures to ensure that there is less change in climate, this can only be made possible if everyone join hands together. Check steps to take from below.

  • Organize Plantation Drives.
  • Save Electricity.
  • Save Water.
  • Organize Peace Drives
international day of peace 2019

International Day of Peace 2019 Quotes

Quotes and words speak louder than words. You can use these inspirational quotes on social media posts and on messengers like Whats-app or Telegram to motivate people about the peace and climate change. Check the World Peace Day 2019 Quotes from down below.

” Do your little bit of good where you are, it is these little goods that overwhelm the world.”

” You will never find peace of heart until you listen to your heart.”

” One day I would like to switch on the television and hear the news that there is peace on Earth.”

” When the power of love, the overcomes the love for power then there will be peace.”

” When you make peace with yourself, you eventually make the peace with the world.”

” World Peace can be achieved when all people come together.”

” Love and accept people, we do not have enough time.”

” Peace cannot be kept by force but only by understanding.”

” An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

” God created our skin tones with beautiful variety but all of our souls are of the same color.”

” Peace is not just absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

International Day of Peace 2020

The International Day of Peace 2020 will be celebrated on the September 21, 2020 which falls on a Monday. The theme for which has not been designated by the United Nations until yet. People celebrate the World Peace Day by organizing the events that motivate people to participate in sustainable lifestyle for fighting climate change and to promote world peace.

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